MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

The after-sun are products that are designed to alleviate the effects arising from exposure to the sun and improve skin conditions. They serve to counteract the dehydration restoring films idrolipidicoe "capture" free radicals.

It is known in fact as solar radiation determine an inflammatory response in the skin (redness or erythema) which can also cause unpleasant sensations more or less intense depending on the case. The ingredients contained in the soothing after-sun reduce inflammation locally and relieve the burning sensation associated skin all'arrossamento, as well as having an emollient and moisturizer. Moreover, the antioxidants in after only help to limit the damage suffered due to exposure to the sun by free radicals. The ingredients which are often found in after-sun aloe are, shea, calendula, tiglio, jojoba, almond, hyaluronic acid. I believe they are essential for optimal health of our skin after sun exposure. In many underestimate the importance and this I know is when I make the sales of solar products is when I go to the sea and ask the neighbor umbrella "that you are using after-sun?”

Often the answer is: "Ma nooo, I do not use that stuff!" Well, "That stuff" helps our skin to regain its natural moisture and repair the damage suffered because maybe many are unaware that one of the causes of aging skin is just the unhealthy exposure to the sun (with low protection filters or without filter for the duration of 3-6 hours during the hottest hours of the day) and failure to care for our skin after the first damage caused. I live in Puglia, destination admired by tourists and place where we have a wonderful sea, Caribbean. I also like to exhibit tanned skin, but always cared.

The importance of the choice of the sun for your skin phototype, careful selection of facial products, lips, body and hair are key. It is essential the use of after-sun to maintain our tan but also to limit damage. I prefer to take different products and then after-sun face, after sun body, and even by the hair often use shampoo and mask after sun, because the hair even after a day in the sun, accomplices salt and sand, They can appear dull and lifeless. Many people think that I have exaggerated, but the answer is simple: areas of our body need different treatments because they have different needs.

I wish you all a nice tan even though this year the summer is hard to get.. but always treated with care your skin before, during and after your shows.