L’ANGOLO DI SISSI a cura di Silvia Cassi

Inspiration Flow was the theme of Esxence 2019, the event that brings together the best in Milan excellence of perfume for an olfactory culture of excellence, a true art form. The idea that connects this year's event is to free the inspiration and the impetus that allows to create something new, in this case the fragrant creations, illustrated here in my brief and subjective camera roundup. As always, a small foray into the skincare industry, because my passion for natural cosmetics is always looking for interesting news.

Miya Shinma: The line is named after the creator, Japanese whose origins blend well with the elegance of French perfumery, finest creations and never "yell", as the latest collection dedicated to the beautiful kimono, a true moment of ecstasy olfactory.

Olibere: a small French house with a homemade appeal, quality raw materials sublime and two lines of particularly feminine and intense fragrances, another pleasant surprise the prices are great rapportati the pleasantness of the compositions.

Gabriella Chieffo: the olfactory path Gabriella, "Nose" tireless and passionate, This year brings 1,2,3, Stella, to balance discovery, seen as the time that elapses between two imbalances, an overflow of life with rich and delicious notes of ginger, gelsomino, tuberose and a bitter chocolate background ... a creation to be discovered!

Hiram Green: since 2013 all-natural handmade creations, challenging the assumption that the natural perfume does not have the persistence of the traditional. Its aromas are opulent, expressive, and the color of each fragrance is given exclusively from the raw materials used.

Stephane Humbert Lucas: purity of ingredients, constant search, more than perfumes are magic potions, rich and enveloping, recall an opulent femininity and charming, compositions that give "addiction" for one of the most exclusive brands of artistic perfumery.

Step Aboard: a beautiful young Italian news , for hair and body fragrances created in collaboration with perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour; the inspiration of the fragrance comes from the underground in Milan, all original and evocative, with a note of honor "Mint on the canals" ... and are in canister to call the world of graffiti, a modern and captivating mood!

Carthusia: the century-old tradition of this caprese laboratory is developed in the best fragrances that have an unbreakable bond with Capri and the first Mediterranean perfumery materials, with more balanced olfactory agreements, even in the most particular compositions.

Young: for the first time the Danish brand at the fair Nuori, EcoBio a brand that has given up completely to the use of synthetic fragrances, a coloring preservatives, Perfect for sensitive skin and allergizzate and ideal for all in order not to develop skin allergies. The packages are designed to minimize exposure to air, to light and to bacterial contamination, maximum efficiency and purity of the cosmetic formula make it an idea ... to be missed winning the Supreme-C treatment , in twenty days due to vitamin C repairs free radical damage and provides antioxidant protection, stimulating the production of collagen.

Ambaduè: Piedmont Italian all-female company which combines nature and biochemical innovation with effective active and agrees with the specification of cosmetics eco-bio. Two new high-end products, not surprisingly Jewel and Diamond, rich in peptides and excellent raw materials, finish with a truly unique and sensory experience.

Al prossimo appuntamento con il mio angolo cosmetico!