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Spring is the season often ephemeral and illusory: beautiful sunny days followed by weeks of gray rain ... Not at all fleeting or transitory is the "spring" that gave momentum to the rebirth of one of the neighborhoods called "difficult" in Naples, namely San Giovanni in Teduccio, where organized crime is often the main protagonist, recruiting young affiliates and, twenty-thirty years, They are already savvy and ruthless boss. Here a group of young artists of the scene - Francesco Di Leva, Adriano Pantaleo, Miale Giuseppe Di Mauro and Giuseppe Gaudino –  ha creato in una palestra abbandonata uno spazio per le arti, NEST - East Naples Theatre. Here this passionate and tight-knit group has managed to bring a director affirmed that Mario Martone and Carolina Rosi, "Daughter in law" the greatest of Neapolitan playwrights.

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This has resulted in The mayor of the District Health, spectacle for which Carolina Rosi - widow of Luke and "guardian" of the immense theatrical heritage of the family De Filippo - granted the rights to the staging; while Mario Martone gave his mastery as a director, collaborating with the actors and the technicians of the NEST. A genesis in some "extraordinaria" so that is reflected in the nature and quality in the bodywork, that "fixes" the original text of Eduardo that much needed to make critical mirror of where it germinated. So the protagonist, the dreaded "mayor" Antonio Barracano, is a seventy-five but a thirty year old and this does not only go along with thirty-eight years of the interpreter - Francesco Di Leva - but to reflect a reality now commanded by young boss. A choice that, if one part is emancipated from tradition - theater and film - Masses in Edwardian scene; other, says Martone, «consente di mettere il testo alla prova della contemporaneità e di leggerlo come nuovo». Ne esce, so, the portrait of a city - but, more generally, of a society - where is far from easy to distinguish between "good people and people bitch" - as he could do Antonio Barracano, the respected "administrator" of the ward / district - and where, He underlines the director, "Emerges a humanity fierce, ambiguous and painful, where good and evil confront each other in every character, where the two cities which always speaks in Naples (the law-abiding and criminal) They collide in a game without winners. Because, it is useless to pretend not to see him, the city is an, for how scared face, no one can think of to cut it in two, ". The show then becomes a way to observe without stereotypes or conditioning the reality of a city, recognizing contradictions and inhumanity but also glimpsing possibilities of change. Delicate buds just sprouted, requiring care and dedication, the same thanks to which Di Leva and his associates have raised their theater. The show, not to be missed, It is up to 17 and from March to NEST 21 until the 2 April to Gobetti Theatre in Turin (; ).   

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