White and gold ... chic .glamour for a very special wedding ...

Because’ not afford a bit of madness in their own DAY MORE’ BELLO? tired of “usually white”? We want more? So it's gold to get hold of our imagination and allow us to be truly unique and beautiful at a time so magical!

The gold refers to excellence in wealth, opulence and pleasure, golden bullets on the bodice in the past symbolized love and loyalty but, caution, it is vital that the whole is skilfully mixed in the right dose; this is the secret to create a stylish outfit, sophisticated and, soprattutto, unforgettable!

The bride wears and what will be the protagonists of the wedding, playing with details and accessories you will get a magical effect without exaggeration ... the white dress can be enriched with a golden belt or embellished with delicate embroidery applications or alternatively choose to focus on bracelets, guanti, jewelry, a headpiece or veil all the gold ... the important thing is that each of these "touch" is unique to attract the attention and make the total look amazing.

Future bolder brides will dare a completely golden gown as long as not baroque and cumbersome maybe the simple and fluid lines; protagonists Chiffon, silk tulle, organze, satin, delicate DeVore ... .from avoid too stiff taffeta and crisp only allowed to pack belts, stoles or a simple sheath dress. Also invited will be allowed to "jump" into theme look without, ovviamente, lose sight of the good taste ... maybe a consultation with the bride could spare them "drop style".

Important shoes and pick any here is a must! You can opt for décolleté, dancers, high heels, sneakers or sandals jewel is important is that they are strictly gold !!!!

Obviously golden touches are present on investments and favors, bouquet, decorazioni della chiesa/comune ed al ricevimento su tableau de mariage e centrotavola….piccoli dettagli soft ma luminosi che creeranno un trait d’union tra i vari momenti delle nozze rinnovandone in ogni istante la magica atmosfera “Gold”….e per concludere “last but not least” un bravissimo Pasticciere saprà creare per voi una wedding cake all’altezza della situazione davanti alla quale finalmente Sposi brinderete ad un futuro …..tutto d’oro!!!

a cura di Alessandra Cristiani – Consulente per la Sposa