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The holidays are over and in September a multitude of brides begin to try to focus the style to adopt for your wedding day… traditional, romantic, princess, minimal, It'll be spoiled for choice! Much depends on the personality of each but also from the budget allocated for the wedding dress.

If you who are reading me you're a future bride next year (and beyond) you might find this article interesting, especially if you love vintage style and find irresistible the legendary 50s, In fact, this is precisely the mood of which you speak.The '50s were, a parer mio, an extremely fertile period for fashion, I love watching old films of every time and rest come to admire the clothes and hairstyles of the actresses who played them.

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The Prêt-à-porter then it was not yet so widespread, and the clothes were packed in tailoring, are of those years the wonderful and unforgettable creations by Dior, Givenchy, Balmain (to mention a few) who have made the history of haute couture.

Ma veniamo a noi! The 50s style as well as being fashion gives the bride a lot of advantages, let us see what.


In the 50's were all the rage the wedding dresses long just below the knee or longuette ( just above the ankle) whereby, though if you are thinking of a short dress, this is the perfect style for you .

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Corsages members and ample skirts in the 50s were a must, all enriched by wide belts that emphasized the waist,  decollete necklines were in vogue, In a oppure omerali.This is an easily replicable style if it packs the wedding gown skirt by superimposing several layers of tulle to make it fluffy and is combined with a fitted bodice and structured.

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As for the accessories you'll be spoiled for choice! Perle profusely as jewel, cappellini, circles , veils or veil for the very short hairstyle and gloves. Although I do not love this accessory for the bride, I must say that in a '50s look gloves really give that extra touch, short, long or elbow make absolutely super stylish fifties your wedding look.

Accessories are always a good excuse to enrich with color notes on your wedding dress, more so if you choose the look 50s. You can also use colors that create strong contrasts, rosso, yellow and so on, obviously then a call to the selected color should be inserted in favors and the wedding preparations.

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Decolletè and Chanel from the typical tip line with stiletto heels, but also open toe and dancers will be perfect!

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After having given you some style tips I'll explain how to find the wedding dress of your dreams fifties and I give good news, if your budget is not the princely 50s style fact it represents an excellent solution:

-You can make sewing the wedding dress from a seamstress with relatively low costs. To wrap skirt , as I suggested above, you can use the tulle that is bulky and cheap, and if you do not like to view, you can cover it with a layer of tissue at will, such as organza or the same stuff that is done the bodice of your wedding dress ( the art. mikado, taffeta or duchesse)

-You can find your wedding dress in flea markets or vintage clothing stores, if parties well in advance so you will have to do more research. Remember, however, to also have a good seamstress available for any repairs that may be necessary.

-You can catch the bride's grandmother is in good shape and your size, if it's not it's better you're wide rather than narrow, In fact, if too tightens widen it could be a problem since the fabric and processing "no recent" that may create fragility or discoloration in the fabric.

-You can search for your wedding dress fifties online, there are specialized sites where you can find the beautiful at affordable prices, in truth they are not very favorable buying a gown online wedding but if you're a size more than a regular can also consider this option.

So what do you think?  Did I like my suggestions? Let me know by leaving a comment Article.

See you soon with more tips and ideas dedicated to all future brides, by MAGAZZINO26 pages! Here The Fairy Godmother is always at your disposal.