By Alessandra Cristiani - Consulting Brides THE FAIRY GODMOTHER

The world of Wedding is absolutely varied, There are spouses of all types and in recent decades the wedding style has changed and evolved.

Marriage is seen as a unique moment to remember all your life today not only for the intrinsic value of the ceremony uniting two people in love, but also for the style and atmosphere of the wedding reception that must be memorable, amaze and entertain at the same time those who participate.

From here comes the need to choose a wedding theme that unites all the elements in a perfect mix to reflect the style and personality of the couple at 360 °.


I chose, thanks to the close of the Halloween festivities a little atmosphere’ dark , to speak in this article Wedding alternative styles thinking of a hypothetical married couple outside the box that maybe could decide to get married just the All Saints Day .

Do you think that they would choose wedding look? I've got three thought….

Gothic, Steam punk e Industrial

…but we see more closely what it is…


Ideal atmosphere for a wedding on Halloween, total black combined with red and purple for newlyweds, candles and crucifixes adorn locations "spectral",

fittings and mise en place absolutely black, a must dark wedding cake !


Gears, watches and strange characters populate the wedding steam punk style, dominant color copper, surreal atmospheres inspired by the movie Wild Wild West .

Here the couple in Victorian clothes and location

the preparations and the wedding cake

.but we also want to talk about these shoes in perfect style steam?


Decidedly less strong is the industrial-style wedding, locatios preferably located in old factories, made by striking choreographic play of soft lights, metallic touches and sobriety, but there are particular ideas such as the use of bricks and concrete for the preparations for the informal attire bride and groom.

here is where will be held the ceremony and also this case is strictly themed wedding cake!

What do you think? I'm sure that if you love the ideas wedding alternatives will derive inspiration from my article, the next and….Happy Halloween!