Applause is due for Davide Nicoletti

Read and impalpable like a breath of wind, women are transformed into sweet creatures of the sky thanks to the latest trend. Ostrich feathers or marabou are the stars of the upcoming seasons, rètro donating elegance to outfits, shoes and accessories not only for large parties but also for daywear garments.

Always it associates the detail in the feathers of big soirée outfits and the most elegant creations to show off at parties, but lately it is not so, the plumage it also brings the day to give a glamorous touch on even the most casual clothes. The black or are colorful and decorate the edges of pants, minidress, behind cardigan or even sportswears sweatshirts. So the mix and match of comfortable clothing and decorations feathers become the new trend giving lightness and irony to the wearer.

Maison Margiela – Balmain – N°21

Since when did the cinema, fixed element of the dive in their wardrobe, I have always been the feathers, capable of agghindarle as real birds of paradise. Today the most glamorous outfits proposed by stylists in the latest collections refer precisely to them to "dive", dedicated to all those women who like to dress up for the evening dress code; here are some suggestions.

Alberta Ferretti – Christian Dior – Saint Laurent

What about these selections? I would use adjectives like: frivolous, female with a vague memory to boudoir, a gift to women who like to dress elegant with a touch of lightness, sometimes even witty.

Moschino,en – Givenchy – Ralph & Russo

But not only on clothes, the accessories they choose to dress in feathers. From bags with unexpected reasons the original bijoux, to hats to add grit and character to your look and to finish the shoes with details from glamorous flavor.

Lanvin necklace – Handbag Valentino

Valentino Hat – Sandali Saint Laurent

Golden Rule make no mistake ever? Choose only one detail feathered it's a boss or an accessory to embellish minimal or casual clothes, otherwise you will risk looking like the geese of the Capitol; skills and good taste remain the basic requirements to avoid a tragic smudging.

Less in more. This is the principle!