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FANTASTICARTE,,en,IDEAS FOR SMALL ARTISTS by Daniela Thrones,,it,One of the best activities for children is getting your hands dirty with the colors,,it,Painting is a passion that you can start growing as early as small,,it,because even using only & nbsp; your hands can explore,,it,touch,,it,mixing colors and creating others in a fantasy game,,it,During my workshops,,it,I often use the colors extracted from natural elements,,it,especially in working with younger children,,it, IDEAS FOR SMALL ARTISTS by Daniela Thrones One of the best activities for children is dirty,,it,Read The NATURE COLOR,,it,SPECIAL VALENTINE are a thousand possibilities to make an evening special and unforgettable,,it,elegant and sexy,,it,Read A GLAMOUR EVENING,,en,SPECIAL VALENTINE Sometimes you feel the need to do something beautiful but also useful for,,it,Read A VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT A TREE,,it,THE CORNER SISSI & nbsp; by Silvia Cassi The gettonato gift for Valentine's Day,,it,for truth appreciated,,it,Read PERFUMES NATURAL FOR AN ECO-BIO SAN VALENTINO,,it,already sprouting hearts galore and even the most quarrelsome lovers bury the hatchet,,it,Read VALENTINE’S DAY WEDDING,,en… Read more »

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