L’ANGOLO DI SISSI a cura di Silvia Cassi

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For several years in the European cosmetics is growing interest in the Korean skincare ritual, and the eco-bio world makes no difference, many companies offer everything you need to perform all the steps necessary for a bright and "perfect skin". recently Bioearth, Emilia company for natural and organic cosmetics, He has launched a complete line of 360 ° masks and serums to complete and improve the facial routine. In the line there are masks in cream and fabric disposable masks designed for every need of the skin: purifying, illuminating, lift effect high hydration, to restore energy and tone the skin off. All formulations are Vegan and Nickel Tested; i sieri, Combined with the associated masks, They can also be used on the lips and around the eyes, for an overall effect on the face.

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I wanted to try the type of disposable masks in fabric, specifically this Purifying,it It has been used by my daughter, "Lucky" which held an oily skin acne-prone as any teenager that you respect. The feature of disposable masks is that the skin should not be rinsed after removal, but simply massaged to allow the complete absorption of the active principles; the visible result from the first application is a visibly purified and smooth skin, with the constant use of the mask and the serum is subsequently applied stains are cloudy, an excellent result for a completely natural product that does not use glycolic acid or aggressive ingredients.

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The mask Epigenetic Lift It is reserved for the "over 40", It stretches the skin with a smoothing and plumping results; its inci ( and the paired serum) It contains innovative ingredients such as epigenetic complex, the biotechnological extract of plankton, stem cells argan and tomato juice Fiaschetto, they do appear more cool and relaxed. In all formulations it is also present the argan juice, real "trademark" of all lines Bioearth. During the laying of the mask feel active working on the face , the final feeling is mild skin tension, and the mirror reflects in fact the image of a more relaxed face, the application of the serum eliminates the feeling of "draft" amplifying while the densifying effect very clearly visible from the first application.

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The version Anti-aging Hydration Intense It is definitely my favorite for comfort and results on the face: Also combination skin can be dehydrated and then the signs of aging are more evident, this combination of more serum provides powerful hydration mask leaving the bright and relaxed skin. The main ingredient is the hyaluronic acid high and low molecular weight, being one of the main components of the dermis conveys a large number of water molecules, bringing hydration to the surface layers of the face. Insert the mask at least twice a week in the evening routine ensures a better yield also of subsequent products, once you have seen the difference in the mirror has become a fixed point in my skincare.

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