L’ANGOLO SISSIa cura di Silvia Cassi

Puntuale come ogni anno arriva il momento della visita al Cosmoprof, This is the issue of fifty years so really a milestone for the Fair cosmetics par excellence! As always my tour is marked to discover innovations in the organic green scene, trying to avoid those brands that in the wake of the "natural style" were recycled or offer in a corner just a few products actually eco-bio ... Compared to the past has expanded in a major way the proposed biological make-up present on display, for everyone and especially for all budgets.

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Childbirth with own photographic roundup showing a makeup novelty with an advantageous quality-cost ratio: Naturaverde Bio è certificata CCPB e propone una gamma completa di tutto il necessario per un trucco completo con ingredienti davvero ottimi rispetto al posizionamento di prezzo.

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Come tradizione un veloce passaggio allo stand Lavera: a well-established online and also distributed in supermarkets, for "bringing" eco-bio cosmetics to a wider audience and out of the niche market; New this year is the fragrance Mallow and White Tea, refined and feminine.

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Piteraq ci propone una linea make-up naturale oltre al 98%, from the innovative, practical packaging, particularly differentiated in the formulations with foundation dedicated to each type of skin, Interesting blush with dual tone on the same wafer, color and lighting in one product! 

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Presente anche quest’anno Zuii Organics, a confirmation of what this company produces with unique ingredients: The base powder consists of damask rose petals, chamomile flowers and jasmine flowers certified BIO. Enriched with essential oils, vegetable oils and natural mineral pigments and with a range of multi-references, my favorites are the sheer lipsticks, Color designed and unparalleled comfort on the lips! They are organic cosmetics made from flowers: more than “solo” natural cosmetics!

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Continuo con la carrellata di novità per il trucco eco-bio con la rinnovata proposta make-up di Dr.Hauschka, extended in the proposal and in the color chart; unfortunately it was not possible to "touch" the new formulations but still seems a huge step forward compared to the previous line that she urgently needed a rejuvenation .

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From passionate perfume which I joyfully welcomed new in perfumery entirely natural: Aimee Mars. La fondatrice Valérie è riuscita a coniugare l’arte dell’alta profumeria francese con le virtù della natura, following the principles of aromatherapy and dell'olfattoterapia. Con Aimee Mars, Valérie uses for each composition a minimum of 95% Natural ingredients; the fragrance that struck me thinking about the summer is coming to Orta Water, fresh and elegant as the Lake which is dedicated.

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In skincare industry demanding my attention was caught by a few companies, una di queste è Bottega Organica: They are produced with natural botanical formulas to 100% that prevent the aging of skin cells thanks to haenkei sage, to accomplish this are mixed Inhibitors Natural Senescence with active carriers, rich in substances with anti-oxidant such as extra-virgin olive oil. A ritual of treatment that won me, I hope to be able to buy these products as soon as possible and to write an article more specific.

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Non poteva mancare un saluto a Purophi, excellence of Italian cosmetics, It combines the advantages of a pure formula to the study of Enzymatic Bioliquefatti from organic vegetable peels, in questo modo si ottengono principi attivi concentrati a della massima efficacia. This year Daniela, soul and mind creator of Purophi, introduced in two new line for the body which I will talk in a more detailed article ... I can only say that as always Purophi is at the forefront in the selection of products to offer and in formulations!

Al prossimo appuntamento con il mio angolo eco-bio!