L’ANGOLO DI SISSI a cura di Silvia Cassi

An unmissable event for lovers of the "living world", Every year the space devoted to cosmetics is expanded (although the selection of the exhibiting companies is not always eco-bio 100%…) and as always the photo-story of SANA will be a minimum selection, completely at the discretion of my taste.

The roundup begins with arche, a workshop of essences for the environment, produced without alcohol, with the use of oil as a carrier of natural fragrance. The version at Sandalwood and Eucalyptus that deserve an honorable mention for "loyalty" and sophistication of Scent Notes.

I continue in the photographic insights "perfumed" with olfactory, Italian company leader botanical perfumery 100% natural, and a selection of their best creations: with the line "The Precious" offers us true gems of nature with the best and the finest essential oils, to arrive at a true and authentic aroma!

glazes Kester Black are excellence in the field of manicures as possible "clean" from the harmful ingredients ( certainly not use enamel is better ... but love them too!), the 10-free formula leaves "breathe" and nail not attack with the most toxic ingredients of traditional enamels; an honorable mention for the colors, all very refined and wearable ... I wish all the .

Traditional appointment with the novelty of Purophi, more and cosmetic excellence "green": FRAGILE this year presents us with a cream dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin, an advanced formula that works on rosacea, antiaging e antipollution, giving relief to the most fragile skins.

Dabba It born in the cold in Latvia 2011, and it leads us to discover the power of Nordic ingredients, high in efficiency and scents that evoke the freshness of the pinewood; I discovered this brand with hydrolates and now the line is truly complete with moisturizing oils and elixirs, to make skincare now a true sensory experience!

Inika He was present at the show with "tasty" new make-up for the winter season, these Christmas sets are sensational and the PENCIL lips trio (excellent for both the contour as lipsticks) It is almost moving to the colors very well-aimed to cover a good range of needs.

A pleasant surprise for those who appreciate a cosmetic bio low-cost, shadow Nature certificate is the Lidl brand for biological routine suitable for all budgets; I find it an excellent proposal to enlarge the part of the audience who knows and uses biological natural cosmetics, some formulations do not have anything to envy to the most famous and expensive products.

A welcome addition to the choice of the truly eco-friendly packaging and low environmental impact, combined with simple formulas, albeit with precious oils and truly beneficial for our skin: all this is Qadyp, French family-owned company that uses the Flax Oil, cultivated for generations in the farm owned, combined with the rich Sesame oil, as the basis for its formulations. The Flax seed oil is rich in Omega 3 and is able to retain moisture in the skin, It is also an excellent elasticity and promotes the oxygenation of the skin tissues. This innovative pack allows a considerable saving of space and plastic, and it is also perfect for travel, I definitely riparlerò.

I close with a flourish with the new line of hair Bioearth, Emilia company deservedly leader in bio Italian scene; They have devised haircare routine for every need with a few more curative specific references such as rebalancing serum or the strengthening. Applause for continuous research and effort to propose formulas rich in active with more than reasonable prices.

See you soon in my cosmetic corner!