September ... a beautiful month, the heat is less oppressive and still you can enjoy days on the beach ,trips in the great outdoors ... the air is sparkling energy that has the taste of a fresh start, it permeates all life and movement after August lazy during which the city has been dormant, immobile and half-empty.

And 'the moment when the new projects take shape, and it was during this period that many future brides 2017 start to think about the organization of their marriage ... if you are among those, you must be wondering where to start, and here I am ready to help!

First of all the most important and immediate things to do are three:

1° Fix the wedding date and verify that church , common, or the place where you have decided to perform the ceremony are available for your preferred date.

2° Once in possession of a certain date to choose the venue that will host the reception and, broadly based on this ,deciding also the atmosphere and style that will characterize your wedding , if you avvarrai the collaboration of a Wedding Planner This is the time to choose and fix a first appointment cognitive.

3° Choose your dress Wedding ... and here I will enter into more detail because of my profession of Brides Consulting.

LBride and new collections are on the market usually from late October, you can choose at this point to start doing some testing here and there trying to figure out what you want and trying things ... or make an appointment with a Consulente per la Sposa! He is still a figure in the world of the new Wedding and is my profession ... I am often confused with a wedding planner but the services I offer are very different, In fact, while the Wedding oversees the organization of marriage, The Consultant is aimed solely and exclusively to the assistance and protection of the bride as a personal trainer ...

The two professions can live together or, if you have decided to organize alone your marriage, rivolgerti the Consultant for the Bride is still useful to greatly shorten the time of your dress search, but above all let you do that without the risk of making wrong choices or ill with a very small "initial investment" , come?

First it will be useful to make an appointment "cognitive" gratuito (at least as far as I) This may take place in person or by telephone, after that ,if they feel you are appropriate, You will fix the date for the BASIC CONSULTING real lasting about an hour (It may take place in the office or online depending on your needs) during which you will learn to recognize textures, models and styles to suit your physicality and the "flavor" you thought to give at your wedding, all keeping in mind the budget for the dress . The appointment term will have in hand the tools to carry out a targeted search including the names of some atelier and / or tailor shops where bring to you ... without fail!!! You can also get discounts at certain stores for the final decision ... I feel like saying that WELL BEGUN AND 'HALF' OF 'WORK!!!!

copia-di-4_n-jpg-corre copia-di-sposechecorrono

This is however only a taste of what the consultant for the bride can do for you ... you can freely be dosed as when and to what extent to use the services offered, if you want to be present to the choice, the tests, or teach you how to move with the wedding dress and how to handle pre wedding emotions and the big day ... well behind the figure of the consultant there is a world ... but above all I'm there!!! If you want to know more visit my site and especially read sections ABOUT ME and MY SERVICES FOR YOU, here you will find everything you need to know, but if that were not enough with mail address and phone number you can contact me directly and I will be happy to satisfy your curiosity more ... .in direct and without obligation.

What do you think? Are you ready to start this adventure? Then get ready on time!!!

Ready .... the places of departure and VIA ...!!!!!

a cura di Alessandra Cristiani – Consulente per la Sposa