Per San Valentino non e’ permesso un passo falso….
Tutto deve essere perfetto, a partire dalla musica. Noi di Magazzino26 vogliamo per te un 14 febbraio indimenticabile.Eccoti servito, questa e’ la nostra PlayList per San Valentino.

Considering that Valentine's Day is coming, what better time than this to seal a deal, an artistic pact, of brotherhood and love between two great excellence: a world of fashion and the world of music.

Sì, we are talking of an engagement (hopefully the longest lasting and can) between Magazzino26, Blog attentive to trends, al fashion, fashion and good taste to 360 degrees and Footprints Radio, Tuscan web station that offers every week the best and diverse range made news, music and trivia.

To seal this handshake, we could not ignore the feast of love and Footprints Radio, It was launched in compiling this whole Playlist to kiss, cuddly, and to listen with your sweetheart, with your amour Saturday night, with your best friend forever, with your milf, with your cougar with your beloved fictional, with the dog and the cat, and so on and so forth!

Realizing this playlist is not just a way to wish all the readers of the blog a pleasant holiday of hearts, but also unravel the clichés of love songs: the selection is atypical, mixes classic songs with indie, rock, electronics without disdaining the soul and in the trash because love has no form, or color but only hearts beating.

I would like to thank all of my radio colleagues for having participated with me in this venture, and in particular:

The Governing Council of Radio Footprints (Marco, Alessio, Francesca, Maila and Catherine for believing in the project) and transmissions: high Infidelity, A song for you, A whole fencing, The matches, scents & playthings, germs, The habit of staying, iPop, New generations, The memories of the gecko, Pulp, Music death Match, escape, Freon and cocktail of horror and last but not least Flavia and Daniele for participating enthusiastically.

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