What do I think about when I think about the black?

Immediately I associate it to something not nice: when I intend to reinforce a negative situation, Use the black adjective. A black day. Twenty-nine of the fateful Black Friday. The same applies to define a bad luck to the square, better defined bad luck that becomes a black jella, or a person from the soul bad, dangerous to themselves and others, we do not hesitate to label it as a black soul. Per cui ho sempre trovato assai ridicolo il dettame del politically correct per cui anche in italiano si usa nero al posto di negro, which is nothing but the Latin adjective. In Spanish then there is no difference.

Immediately after it occurs to me the work to black: in alchemical world, così ben descritto da Marguerite Yourcenar, the black work (opus nigrum) It is the stage of the divestiture of the forms, the dissociation of the elements and the purification of matter. The protagonist of the novel, who found refuge in a monastery in disguise, realizes, in the dynamics of transformation of matter, that he himself is the 'work transformed. The is therefore clear that it has to traverse the phase of the ‘nigredo’ to make pure his being imperfect philosophies and theologies of their time. Once completed this rite of transformation, can our protagonist, access to a different cognition of the world and of himself.

Also in this case the black, specifically, the immersion in the black, we place in that ineffable dimension in which blur the boundaries between good and evil and the contours and spatial relations between things take on unpublished reports and paradoxical.

Black is the color that immediately creates optical illusion. So much so that there is always the black theater, the principle of which is based precisely optical illusion, the visual makeup of the black room, that takes advantage of the human eye's imperfection. The object or the black body on the black background can not be perceived by the human eye. The game of this type is very easy to be carried on stage. The actors, dressed completely in black, act on the black background. From the audience viewers do not distinguish the actors from the background and, for that very reason, objects and tools moved by actors dressed in black take an amazing autonomous movement capabilities before the viewers eyes. The theater is especially amazing and the fact that inanimate objects from turning into animated objects, He makes you play that miracle called stage action.

The black theater has its origin in the shadow which is the equivalent of the black: the Chinese used candlelight for their theatrical performances, obtained from 'shadow of the silhouette projected on a white canvas screen. The shadow of course, is black, It is often fraught with danger, fear as the darkness and the darkness we associate them to evil, contrasting the light symbolizing the good and progress.

Now I close my making me another question: as you can with all this theory of negative values ​​that the black carries, is in fact the most sophisticated elegance color?

a cura di Enrico Pulsoni