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Eager to feel lighter? Looking for fun reading to bring under the umbrella? Try Bastardo number one Janet Evanovich.

Bastardo number one by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is a prolific writer born and raised in New Jersey. She began her writing under a pseudonym career with a series of romance novels. E’ back to her real name for the series of Stephanie Plum, a light and fun combination of police, comedy and romantic. At the moment "produces" a book a year.

The undisputed star of this series is precisely Stephanie Plum, a nice thirty Italian-Hungarian origin living in his home district, Borgo, a residential area of ​​Trenton, New Jersey. In "Bastard number one" we find our heroine with serious economic problems. E’ just back from a tumultuous divorce, She lost her job, They are going to confiscate the car and risks losing his apartment, last bastion of independence from a loving family but cumbersome.

The solution will come from cousin Vinnie, agency owner in advance deposits, which it is short of recovery agents and can not deny them a favor. The job is to find and "stop" those who, released from prison pending trial against a deposit (anticipated by Vinnie), They do not show up at the hearing. The type of "prey" is very diverse: from life thug to eccentric. Stephanie obviously did not have any experience, afraid of weapons and sins (yet) of naivety really disarming.

His first assignment will be the classic baptism of fire: must track down Joe Morelli, a cop on the run, charged with murder. A shrewd man, charming, with many contacts in the Village. As if that were not enough of Joe and Stephanie are a score to settle…

Investigations will proceed between outrageous mistakes and incredible successes; luckily for him Stephanie scale incompetence with intuition, the absence of preparation with a network of knowledge and gossip useful and lack of courage with stubbornness. It also bump into very dangerous situations but can he get out unscathed, or nearly.

Surrounding our investigator There are a number of regulars headmistress: in this first novel shines Grandma Mazur, a real tuff, but definitely worth a mention too Ranger, a colleague Stephanie, as lethal as sexy.This is an easy and undemanding book but that is read in one breath, intrigued by the evolution of the plot and character. The writing is fluid, the direct and very informal style. The investigative part of the plot is well blended with the romantic part. And there are opportunities to have a good laugh.

Although the plot is self-contained in each police novel, I advise you to start with the first book and, if you like, proceed with appropriate sequence. In fact, the personal stories and characterization of novel novel continues, creating an effective link with the reader.

"You bastard number one" is certainly not recent output and here and there a little’ you feel. But it will be easy to find it at a reduced price, both paperback for e-readers, perfect to take on holiday.Currently the last chapter published in Italy is "Eight flying" while in America are waiting for the 25th!!! E’ still easy to read on in the correct order: In fact, the relative number always appears in the title ("Two pounds", "Three and you're dead", "Do not say the four" etc.).

Of course, I've already read them, with pleasure, all I really would be happy if some editors will decide to start to publish other; the certainly no shortage of material!

Enjoy your summer and enjoy reading!