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Without a doubt the MET Gala is the most anticipated event on the world stage for the "fashion". He was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, nell’Upper East Side di New York e supporta ogni anno il Constume Istitute con il suo ricavato.

And 'certainly a moment of excitement for many fashion designers of international fame because of the chance to see their most precious creations, estrose e stravaganti, worn by the most famous Stars and "displayed" on the planet! Solo loro infatti hanno la possibilità di indossare abiti cosi particolari e particolarmente costosi!

This year the theme of the event was strongly connected with the religious: “Heavenly Bodies, Fashion and Catholic imagination. Fittings "scream", installations of great designers mixed with precious objects owned by the Pontifical, le opere esposte all’interno del museo hanno fatto da cornice a questi outfits strepitosi. Unfortunately with such a delicate subject to follow,,it,some interpretations could certainly be avoided,,it,Alcune Stars,,en,real "angels",,it,protagonists of the evening,,it,others ... even no,,it,the most beautiful and evocative oufits and some truly unwatchable,,it,Amal Clooney in Richard Quinn,,en,Anna Wintour in Chanel,,en,Ariana Grande in Vera Wang,,it,Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts,,en,Blake Lively in Versace,,en,Cara Delevingne in Dior Haute Couture,,en,Cardi B in Moschino,,it,Cindy Crawford in Versace,,en,Emilia Clarke in Dolce,,en, alcune interpretazioni potevano essere di sicuro evitate.

Alcune Stars, veri e propri “angeli“, protagoniste della serata, altre… anche no!

here, a mio avviso, gli oufits più belli e suggestivi ed alcuni veramente inguardabili!! Che ne dite?

1-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Amal Clooney in Richard Quinn – Anna Wintour in Chanel – Ariana Grande in Vera Wang

2-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts – Blake Lively in Versace – Cara Delevingne in Dior Haute Couture

3-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Cardi B in Moschino – Cindy Crawford in Versace – Emilia Clarke in Dolce & Gabbana

4-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Frances McDormand in Valentino Haute Couture,,en,Irina Shayk in Versace,,en,Jasmine Sanders in H,,en,M dress,,en,Jennifer Lopez in Balmain,,en,Joan Smalls in Tommy Hilfiger,,en,Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell,,en,MET GALA AMONG ANGELS IN HEAVEN AND FALLEN ANGELS,,it – Irina Shayk in Versace – Jasmine Sanders in H&M dress

5-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Jennifer Lopez in Balmain – Joan Smalls in Tommy Hilfiger – Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell

6-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta – Katy Perry in Versace – Kim Kardashian in Versace

7-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Kris Jenner in Tommy Hilfiger – Kylie Jenner in Alexander Wang – Lana Del Rey in Gucci

8-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Lily Collins in Givenchy – Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier – Naomi Watts in Michael Kors

9-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren – Rihanna in Margiela by Johhn Galliano – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren

10-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce & Gabbana – Selena Gomez in Coach – Stella Maxwell in Moschino

11-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Taylor Hill in Diane von Furstenberg – Winnie Harlow in Tommy Hilfiger – Zendaya in Versace

12-Met Gala 2018-Magazzino26 fashion blog

Nicki Minaj in Oscar de la Renta – Ruby Rose in Tommy Hilfiger