MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

This year the Christmas is coming and with it the spirit of the Holidays, of family dinners, the race for gifts and looking for the exclusive Christmas Collections in our beautiful enchanted world, that of Make Up. Every year companies present the new and exclusive limited editions for Christmas and for our first Christmas together I want to introduce the three that have most impressed me.

Peter Philips, Director of Creation and Image Make Up for Dior has decided to carry out the wishes of every woman and theme of the season is the Star Greetings Dior, star that pushes every woman to believe in their own destiny. He then presented the collection MIDNIGHT WISH - Holiday Look 2018.

The collection includes: 

  • six shades for Diorific Lipstick for "Kisses Fairy Tale, one of the best-selling lipsticks for the Maison Dior and known to the public for its light yet velvety texture and long-lasting;
  • five shades for Rouge Dior Lipstick, the Maison Rouge bijoux, decorated at the base with an engraved star and five different desires: “Love”, “Faith”, “Luck”, “Bliss” e “Thrill”;
  • a make-up box decorated with constellations containing the flagship of the Maison Rouge, he Rouge Dior 999 and five refills in nuances of the legendary Maison
  • the Rouge Blush Midnight Wish in one color celebrating the Star Greetings Dior
  • two pallets of eyeshadows five colors in two colors with warm, golden shades or silver to achieve a make up bright and elegant eyes
  • four shades of Diorvernis elegant and refined ideal for a sophisticated look for this period
  • Top Coat Midnight Wish in one and the same nuances with sequins and gold stars to decorate the nail as a nail art.

He could not miss one of my favorite fashion house like Chanel course. Chanel is tinged with red and presents for Chanel fragrances 5, the very essence of femininity and its iconic bottle is dressed in the favorite color by Gabrielle Chanel, the Red. An original bottle, glass and ultra desired. About the Chanel 5 I want to ask you if you know why it's called Chanel 5?  I'll tell ...

Nel 1921 Gabrielle Chanel turned to his nose perfumer, Ernest Beaux asking him to make a "fragrance which smells Woman, rare and intense ". So he set to work realizing different fragrances proposing a composition which provided the unprecedented use of aldehydes. Gabrielle Chanel chose the version n. 5 the fragrance and how her name the same number, il 5.

Per the Free Collection 2018 Maximalism Chanel, Lucia Pica, Global Creative Make up & Color Designer di Chanel, take the lion's share icon, He loved by Mademoiselle Chanel as his talisman, grasping the magnitude and emotional intensity.

  • The Chanel Lion, a golden metallic powder from the result with the effigy of the Lion, emblematic for Chanel as it represents the zodiac sign of Gabrielle Chanel and much loved by the same (Born on 19 August 1883). The message is Leone: 're invincible!!
  • Four eyeshadows clothes of the same effigy of Leone made with metallizate powders but from the silky texture to combine or superimpose
  • A palette of lipsticks with five of nuance always wear, five different shades of red with each other, from more he turned to the most intense and the satin finish or matt and velvety.

Slogan of the palette is: be impreveibili!!

  • Rouge Allure Velvet n. 5, a unique creation that dresses in red lacquer its packaging. A deep red with a soft consistency such as velvet and a mat finish lumonoso
  • Due nuance per Rouge Coco Gloss, ultra bright and moisturizing. Its gel texture does not stick but melts on the lips. Extremely easy to apply thanks to its enveloping applicator, colors for Collection Libre a metallic red and a bronze
  • Two new colors also in the range of enamels, Le Vernis be provided by the 917 Opulence, il 918 Flamboyance .

I conclude the list of my collections Holiday Look 2018 favorite with Italian company that I love ever, ARMANI.

The makeup and the Collection Gift Set Giorgio Armani are revealed in a symphony of bright Shade, bold and bright, encased in red and gold packaging, classic colors and stars of the Christmas Collection 2018 Armani.

The Armani collection consists of:

  • Eye Quattro Fantasy Palette, combination of four super shimmer eye shadows consist of intense colors and long-lasting. They have a creamy texture that turns into thin freshly applied powder. The four choices for the shade Armani Christmas are pink gold, dark brown, brown taupe and pearl white, the latter versatile and can also be used as an illuminating.
  • Four new shades even for Ecstay Shine Lipstick, in a formula that includes ultra intense pigments and nourishing oils that give the lips an instant plumping effect. The colors are a bare beige, mauve, dark red and bright red.
  • My Armani To Go Cushion, a packaging for storing the famous Armani foundation in a convenient package to take with if. Modular foundation for a finish "no-makeup" look or natural.
  • Three different Lips Kit: Ornament, It composed of mini-sized samples of a lipstick Rouge Armani and a liquid lipstick Lip Magnet, Red Lip Set, compound from the liquid lipstick Lip Magnet 400 and Armani Rouge Matte 400, Lip gloss kit consisting of 4 travel sizes of the famous Maestro Lip, the first lip gloss born backstage fashion designer catwalks.

And you do decide to wear for your Christmas holidays?

I conclude my brief remarks by wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a New Year filled with good news, and many many smiles we all need. Choose your Holiday Look and see you next year with lots of new features and interest to explore together.