MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

Today I want to talk of a novelty in the field of fragrances that not everyone has had the pleasure of being able to try either on the skin or on mouillettes because it is currently in exclusive sale in selected perfumeries. I want to tell you about MARLON and its six fragrances.

I had the pleasure of being able to personally meet the founder of the line and to hear and see with how much emphasis and enthusiasm, la passione, among other things in common with me,  for travel and love for perfumes were the "perfect fusion" to create six truly unique and sophisticated fragrances.

I like to use the words used by him to describe them : "Drops of a long trip .."

The olfactory notes that make up the same fact are a mix of sensations and emotions experienced during the trips made in different places of the World, so different from each other, they have created a real treasure Olfactory.

So we are trying them can walk the chaotic streets of Mumbai, the green woods and rainy Scotland, the nightlife of the city "that does not sleep .." ..the my beloved New York, Tobacco plantations of Kentucky and then in Central America, and again ... the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal regions of Sri Lanka, well ... a real trip around the world.

The line currently has six Marlon Parfum, are all unisex and for all is not yet born the bathroom line (body lotion showergel e) but it is sure is destined to enter the Beauty of Italy and I hope in the World. It 'a very young project, born recently, and then I like to think that "step by step" can have the success it deserves this young entrepreneur who had the courage and enthusiasm to translate his passion for travel in Perfume.

Here we present a brief description of the olfactory notes that make up Parfum Marlon and their names:

  1. Black Bombay (Indian hashish, coffee, tobacco, old, incense)
  2. The End (blackcurrant leaves, mela, pineapple, patchouli Malaysia, moss, ambergris, vanilla)
  3. Royal Woods (bitter orange, pink pepper, cedar, cardamom, Oak porteghese and tonka bean)
  4. Underwater (Limone, fir, mughetto, gelsomino, oak moss, vetiver, Brazilian rosewood)
  5. Sweet Tobac (Kentucky Tobacco leaf, Cacao, Vaniglia, Fava tonka, woody notes)
  6. Love Street (Cinnamon, raspberry, cloves, Turkish Rose Absolute, heart of patchouli, sandal, incense, ambroxan and musk).

I hope this brief description you've intrigued me because, and I hope to always be the voice of new projects with passion and love for the area where work.

World of Make Up, of Skincare and Fragrances love to call it a "Enchanted World" because it seems to realize the dreams of each of us.

How many of us feel better when they make and show a perfect make-up, or even simply making a nice detox..o mask wearing our perfume?

I could not help it.