MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

And 'one of the most extensive arguments MakeUp the world and for which I could write hundreds of articles and answer a thousand questions, but there would always be something else to say. Working in perfumery for many years and her makeup in many occasions have asked me the question:

"According to her best for me a lipstick or a lip gloss?” , -"But I get older lipstick? "-" I would like to wear a nice lipstick smears but "-" I like the texture of the gloss but it is not long-lasting "-" I want a nice lipstick no-transfer "-" use the tint lip but then I dry up too "  and many many others ...

There are small signs to follow to say goodbye to these Hamlet doubts that plague many women. Crucial to the choice to make is your age. Undoubtedly the teeenager can wear without any discomfort any consistency, gloss, glossy lipstick, matte lipstick, ink, liquid lipstick, but certainly the most suitable for their age is the lipgloss,  unless you play the professional model and then for show and photo shoots requirements will have to wear make-up required by Stylist. Among other things the lipgloss in the color which can turn from clear to colored is very easy to apply and is ideal for those approaching the world of Make Up and certainly does not require the highest precision in the application.

For women from 25 to 35 years, the ideal would be a lipstick from bright finish, always having well defined the contours of the lips to ascribe volume and intensity, while the ladies over 40 They should abandon the idea of ​​the brilliant finish and focus on the finish mat.  

In any case, the first act to be done before applying the lip pencil is "hydrate" lips possibly with a specific contour cream lips or with a specific primer. We are going to apply the cream in the initial stage of preparation to make up so that while our make the face and eyes lips can be ready for the final trick. The lip area is the area that require greater absolute accuracy is when we our make that part of who we face painting as drawing the lips in an asymmetrical also completely ruin a perfect make-up / face.

To smooth the lips and prepare the lipstick writing often then apply a layer of concealer nude color. In this regard, the lip must be drafted, precise and symmetrical. Unfortunately labial corrections can be made only with pencil, but especially with a lot of precision and good looking at them from every angle. For women the first several cosmetic companies weapons presented the lip pencil clear that certainly does not allow corrections labial but at least avoids smear lipstick.

In our age and situation then we decide whether to wear bright colored lipstick, trendy, or a natural look or bare effect.

Unlike bright lipsticks matte lipsticks provide a better seal because they are more writers and formulated with textures that promise better grip on the lips. But not at all like the Finisch mat although there is the need of the formula "stay on". In this case we can apply a gloss in the center of the lips and never in large quantities to have a long-lasting lipstick but the finish "Shine".

Among the mistakes to avoid absolutely any age and in the main it is to not EVER make up the "chapped lips". In this case, we provide the first to take care of themselves with specific exfoliating and moisturizing so much. Only then can we devote ourselves carefully to best make up lips suitable for us.