MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

Today we will discuss the importance of two of the products necessary for good finish with a good base makeup beauty:  the primer and concealer.

In many, as they go to the choice of the foundation to my question: Mrs. use a primer before applying the Fund? Or: Lady wearing a concealer to correct dark circles? The most frequent responses are: "No, no, absolutely I gets on my skin and feel too heavy!!!” oppure “Nooooo, how many things I have to use? I use to cover dark circles foundation !!!”.

It 'good to clarify that the choice of primer, tool used to prepare the skin for optimal drafting of the foundation and concealers, It varies depending on the type of skin. There primer "universal" that can be used by all skin types and which are used exclusively to minimize pores and smooth out fine lines and thus make the perfect skin for the drafting of the fund.

There are also specific primers: opacifiers (specific for combination and oily skin), colorati (which are used to restore normal skin tone) that vary according to the needs of the skin phototype. Certainly for a skin that present an obvious excess sebum we're going to advise or to use a primer mat effect, for dehydrated skin we will recommend a moisturizer and primer lifting or tensor effect.

The corrector exists in the world of make up in many types, classic stick, cream, liquid. Each different consistency clearly has a different coverage level also varies depending on the method of application and the correction to be made. Main function of the regulator is to correct our eye, camouflaging any puffiness and dark circles, and give light to our eyes.

I want to clarify that in the "eye area" area must be used "exclusively" the concealer and foundation NEVER. Because? The answer is simple and quick. The skin of our eyes is seven times thinner than the rest of the face, and it is also the most exploited part of our face because we always talk about with eyes, even when we are silent, whether we are sad or if we are happy, angry or calm. The "weight" of the correction comes to be supported by our eye, while the foundation that is laid on the face and some even on face and body, can not be supported by our poor eye that if healthy after a few applications would inevitably be rough and scarred. In simple words we have no wrinkles around the eyes we provide the applying foundation.

With regard to the choice and use of both color correctors that the colored primer is good to know the theory of color and the chromatic circle that well explains what are the primary and secondary colors. The primary colors are yellow, red and blue, from which are derived then the secondary colors, arancio, green and purple. then We are going to recommend a green primer in case of skin with rosacea. Therefore in case of hyperpigmentation (brown spots), dark circles or bruising will go to correct with a concealer or an orange primer, in the presence of vitiligo, bruise in the final phase or sallow're going to use a concealer or a purplish primer,  while in the presence of skin with cuoperose, angioma or inflamed acne and pimples're going to use a concealer or a green primer.

Very important to emphasize that while the primer has a consistency often smooth and easy to spread, and in some cases, or you can use different types on the same face based on the areas to be treated, the correction that will go instead to do with the corrector will then be fixed by our classic checker and from our fund for which eg. if I go to correct a pimple by applying the green concealer on the same, in the next draft of the fund "SHOULD I DO NOT '" roll out the bottom as the rest of the face, but I will have to "tap" staring our correction there where I corrected the pimple. If procedessi with normal writing down even when I made the correction would go not only to remove the same correction but would get a grayish color in the whole area (caused by the melting of the green color corrector + fondotinta).

Sembre for color theory we are going to treat the hollow areas with clear correctors to create our "light effect" while we are going to correct the prominent areas with dark colors to flatten the volumes. Last advice for choosing the color of concealer is to choose at least one shade lighter than the color of our foundation to give radiance to the eye area.

As application technique for both the primer for concealers I always recommend the use of the specific brush. There are many and at any price. Choose your ... Make Up and good to all!