What do they have in common the young nerd who spends his nights attached to the computer to play online and the professional player who moves from one exotic place by participating in tournaments worth several thousand Euros and often earning figures that allow the the wrist by a 20 thousand euro clock? Little or nothing, if we exclude the passion for poker and, nella maggior parte dei casi, the young age.

and yet, to reach the heights of professionalism, it seems that now is almost necessary to follow that procedure. With the spread of online poker that for most users is a simple pastime to play a few games once in a while, for many others it has become a sort of "training" to learn the basics of the game, accumulating hands played and experience in comparison with other opponents. Ideal for those who aspire to become one of those "high roller" that seems - but the people involved are not of the same opinion – pass their lives travel around the world, have fun and win astonishing figures.

LIFE "GRINDER". They are for many hours at the computer and can play simultaneously on dozens of different tables. They often make the dawn because the tournaments with the best placed start late at night and, if you arrive at the final stages, They may remain at the table for 5 o 6 ore consecutive. The "grinder" are poker players that "grind" hours game: there are those who do it to win some small amount to supplement their income and those who do it because they think would make a profession. Ma, as in all professions, the way to achieve concrete results is difficult and only very few can do it.

through the ranks. The opponents of the grinder, more than the other players with whom you found sitting at the table, I am the variance, Consequently,,it,everything floats. "The essence of Chloé's style became the lack of the structure of the dress,,it,il weightless,,en,the extreme femininity that starts from a very simple idea of ​​clothing,,it,a skirt and a shirt,,it,which, however, concealed an extreme refinement in the details,,it,all declined in delicate pastel colors including the rose-horizon softened by light,,it,At the beginning of,,it, the ability to manage in a careful your bankroll, that is, the amount that the player has decided to invest. Anyone who plays poker knows that every day, sooner or later, see for the time when "the cards do not run" and will be forced to watch other players win hands of hands without being able to offer any resistance. Knowing how manage these moments of crisis without giving in to panic and focusing on long-term results are the features that should have a "serious" player at this level.

FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE HALLS OF CASINO. About tip top has another hurdle: live poker. It may sound easy to play while sitting on your sofa at home, have in front of other players in the flesh, with their tics and their personalities to try to play to try to win, It is another matter. Not for nothing the bibliography in this regard is particularly abundant and fruitful.

LIFE "HIGH ROLLER". For the few who manage to emerge, life is really so simple and carefree as many novice players believe? Judging by the words of Dario Sammartino, one of the current champions of the Italian poker, things they would not be exactly like this. His, which according to wikipedia it appears to be the fourth most successful Italian poker history, with more than three million dollars collected in Business, in a recent interview he said: “Staying so long in places like Vegas or Macao, where it is easy to forget completely the value of money, It means moving in a parallel reality than the one that everyone knows”.

Parallel Realities to which many poker players would like to be able to aspire. But Sammartino, known as "Madgenius" in the days when it was perhaps just a "grinder", warns with an inspired football metaphor: “Money is clearly an essential part of the game. Not so much for the value they have in them so much because they serve as yardstick: the more you win the more you are strong. It's like a football player, the goal is, more worth and is good. In poker the same happens, so yes, win some money is one of my main goals”.  And the rest, how many of the thousands of kids who start to play football dream of becoming champions and not make? Certainly not many, as in poker.