G for Glam

The DNA of the Italian brand comes out in a dynamic fashion show and "ironic".

That presented by Stefano and Domenico is a family, innovative, Contemporary. A family that turns their gaze confidently to tradition trying to snatchthe moments and the most beautiful things, re-interpret them and use them to better for the sake of better themselves through also what already belongs to and what we are affectively linked

A family for good, with well evident values.Values ​​that emerge from a fashion show that leaves me speechless!

This year the fashion house, always on the cutting edge, It not denied and creates the equivalent show in what makes the world go crazy.

A Victoria's Secret show, But much more elaborate and sophisticated that, despite the show by overseas bodies scream from underwear and undoubtedly sexy, There launches of accurate and non-trivial messages .. something more definitely that the angel wings ...

You're thinking “it is easy not to disappoint if you go down the catwalk star popular on a global level”. Perhaps it is true, however, remember that sometimes the "too much of a good thing" and have been many cases where something has gone wrong ritorcendosi like a boomerang to the event organizers. From Dolce & Gabbana was not so.

Remain faithful to themselves, their desire to renew, winking at Millenialse effectively making them one of the brand has always been in the "top 5 del fashion”.

On the catwalk shows the essence of a family: togetherness, the tradition, motherhood, growth, maturity and for them strongly their land, Sicily. All represented not fake beauty and ,not forgetting that it is a fashion show ,almost ritrovabili in our everyday life ... I said almost !

Women non-aseptic, Women who have stories to tell, donne “ ICONICHE for ever”.

There is the Italian woman par excellence, Monica Bellucci ... with some sign of time passing on his face looks even more beautiful and certainly more true. There Carla Bruni its sophisticated and glacial beauty, enchants and mesmerizes the audience promptly.

There are Mariano Di Vaio and his wife Eleonora .... at this time that passes quickly, punctuated by stories of 15 seconds on Instagram well represent the desire to devote time to the family.

There are crowns and accessories from royal style .... all crown princes and princesses of a world full of wonderful clothes, exclusive ! On the catwalk in Milan, with the Dolce collection & Gabbana has fallen WOMAN, already precious womanhood as such. Thanks to Stefano and Domenico.

See you soon G.