L’ANGOLO DI SISSI a cura di Silvia Cassi

Arrive on time appointment with the organic salon in all its forms, SANA 2019 welcomed visitors with a new exhibition layout, definitely improved, and with some innovations in the cosmetic panorama that I'm going to tell you in a "photo" ... as always the selection is indicative only of my personal taste in cosmetics, and my uncompromising approach in the pursuit of excellence in this area.

SOAP OF A TIME Marche is a company born from the tradition of master Saponai which has expanded its range in addition to traditional products for the hygiene and personal care with this new SPA CARE line, a real path of sustainable eco-being and complete from head to toe with a special mention for the two types of peel-off masks, perfect to complete your beauty ritual.

BIO and CAROUBE from Sicily a skincare line dedicated to mature skin , direi over 40 , that exploits the moisturizing and moistening the pod of Carruba , combined with continuous efforts to unite the finest natural ingredients rich in texture and effective, my eye fell on the Filler Reversible, a muscle relaxant action and filling lines and furrows ... I'll have to see if it works! Another "gem" in their line Zen Source the Sublime Essence of Japanese inspiration, a real hydration and antioxidant booster.

ZUII ORGANIC SANA has led to all the best of his makeup, Also with many new skincare to complete the range, and these new lipsticks from texture and amazing pigmentation, now a certainty in the beauty scene EcoBio!

PRIMAESSENZA from Sicily oil excellence of fig seeds prickly, a true elixir for the skin, by experienced regenerating, restructuring and contrast to aging processes, one of the few natural oils to have at the same time also sebum-regulating action, This oil is a real wild card for skincare!

MADARA Every year produces many new products and in particular the brand new line of make-up, with products based, eyes and lips, All with attractive textures and formulas "green", a real joy for a seasoned lover of eye makeup. Special mention for correction fluid, formula "courageous" for natural view, and liquid eye shadow colors really worthy of attention, the choice in the make-up EcoBio has never been so wide and pleasant!

AEOS a small gem proposed by the same distributor Madara, It proposes a ritual in three stages that works to transform and restore skin balance, from biodynamic farm ownership comes the majority of the ingredients and their products are prepared using ancient techniques alchemical, with crystals and gems that enhance the effect depending on our needs: dyeing spagyric opal and rose quartz or amethyst and turquoise to help soothe the effects of stress on our skin adverse effects.

PUROPHIThis year offers a weightless foundation treatment, from the antioxidant and global protection against pollution, with a light texture thanks to the expertise of the company in skincare. Completed by the "range adjusts tone" light and dark to get the perfect shade and bright complexion and a smoothing primer; an idea that would complement the care of Purophi mixing make-up and skin treatment.

AMBADUE ' He has completely revolutionized its range of skincare proposing a ritual that follows the skin's circadian rhythms. The products of daily routines are highly moisturizing with antioxidant and protective action, to combat the negative effects of pollution , the latest generation of formulations that through the epigenetic prevent skin aging. The whole new range adapts to different phases of the day providing targeted and specific action, I'll talk in more detail because I bought the entire face routine, for a fall in the name of cutting edge anti-aging skincare.

Al prossimo appuntamento nel mio angolo cosmetico!