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H&Moschino,en: fast fashion becomes luxury with capsules signed Jeremy Scott.

From Mickey Mouse to the iconic prints is online preview the look book of the capsule collection awaited.The king of the Swedish fast fashion, H&M living in the motto “low cost Fashion” like every year it becomes luxury. This thanks to a capsule collection ready to impress all addicted.

This year was Jeremy Scott Moschino creative director to realize the collection that promises to be a success on the market and not only, aiming to become the company one of the most popular collaborations ever.

eccentric, bright and at times almost exaggerated. It is the fashion of Jeremy concept to emerge powerfully rich prints, "Sequined" great sympathy at times a little vintage, thanks to straight overalls who know a little bit years 80 and in print; think the cd, element now almost unknown to the younger generation.

Do not miss the "must have" and how the bear “I’m not a Moschino toy” or basic black t-shirt where the "Moschino" release adds un'H becoming "HMoschino". Wonderful!!I want her!!

The collection stands out as "No Gender", in the true spirit of the Swedish multinational always close and sensitive to so-called “minorities” e “diversity”.

Among the most representative leaders we find the bomber glittery gold and its maxi version in silver glitter.It also deserves attention maxi Black Backpack, against misleading picture seems a small backpack but is actually wonderfully large.

Prices? The lower than previous capsules, It ranges from € 59,00 for a sweater up to € 500,00 for the most important leaders.A sold out then announced! we'll see! In the meantime, let's enjoy the dedicated gallery.

I always come back as soon.

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