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Bangladesh 2013, the tragedy of Rana Square; a building with laboratories clothing collapses, die 1134 persone. In memory of this was born the " Fashion Revolution Day” coordinato da Marina Spadafora, fashion designer creator of fairtrade clothing line "auteurs du monde" , linea di moda etica per “Altromercato”. There are many ethical brand young and contemporary where quality, price, modernity and social commitment are equally distributed. We now need this "alchemy of good intentions" is transmitted and adopted more so even by the greatest fashion companies where sustainability 'is often only a word like many others.

– MARINA, WHAT'S "FASHION REVOLUTION?” Fashion Revolution is a movement present in eighty countries in the world born after the tragedy of 2013, where they lost their lives 1133 Textile workers in Bangladesh in the collapse of Rana Plaza. Since then from England, Carry Sommers e Orsola De Castro hanno dato vita a questo movimento di sensibilizzazione e informazione sul vero costo della moda. The question that arises Fashion Revolution; "Do you know who made your clothes?”. From here we start each year to create events and mobilizations that will make consumers more aware and it also helps to push through laws to protect textile workers around the world.

– MARINA, WHY 'WE MUST, EVEN AS I THINK IS RIGHT TO DO, CONSIDER "FASHION REVOLUTION" The balance between rich and poor is extremely unbalanced today and 'life to extremes of all kinds. Asking fashion brands to demand from their producers are safeguarded the rights of workers and paid the pay called "the living wage" is calculated ad hoc in each country, the chance to make millions of people live in dignity. The textile industry in the working world 40 million of people. And then it must consider the environmental side, the fashion industry is now the second biggest polluter in the world, after the oil . Fashion Revolution is awakening the consciences of consumers who, through their purchasing power can make a difference for future generations.

– FASHION REVOLUTION NOW ARE GETTING BIG AND CONSENT CAREFUL NOT ONLY HERE IN ITALY Come Fashion Revolution Italia siamo al 3° posto nel mondo come uscite stampa e likes su facebook dopo Inghilterra e Bangladesh. This is a wonderful result and gives us hope to continue to improve in the future. The more you talk, the better the results. In these three years we have involved as opinion makers: Bernardo Bertolucci, Lella Costa, Elio Fiorucci and many more. Every year the number of newspapers, magazines, television and radio who contact us, increases.

– SO THAT MANY COMPANIES BIG RELIEF IN TEXTILES AS FILMAR HAS MADE FROM TIME ( ITALIAN COMPANY LEADER IN THE WORLD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF YARN IN COTTON, NDR) They are inquiring about THIS PROJECT The Filmar has some really extraordinary CSR policies,it. The cotton for Life project is the implementation of all the principles of sustainability that is Fashion Revolution. Filmar has also signed the Protocol "detox" Greenpeace. Should be the example for many companies in the industry that can become a leader in sustainability.

– IN WHAT YOU NEED TO RAISE AWARENESS IN PRIMIS COMPANIES BUT ALSO THE FINAL CONSUMER Le imprese devono avere maggiore controllo sulle filiere produttive ed assicurarsi che i terzisti, to which their producers subcontrattano orders, are in compliance with environmental and social policies promoted by the signs. Consumers should understand that every purchase you make determines the world we want today and tomorrow for future generations, then buy less, buy better and ask questions to brands requiring traceability, transparency and honesty.

– FEW WEEKS AGO IN MILAN IS 'DONE THE FASHION REVOLUTION DAY Abbiamo organizzato il 18 April in Milan an event in the city center, in Piazza San Fedele, with the performance of the actress Tiziana Di Masi who speaks of counterfeit goods. It 'was a great success thanks to the support of Filmar.

– WHAT ARE THE PROJECTS AND FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE OF FASHION REVOLUTION We continue our information campaign on facebook and twitter with daily post to inform consumers on issues dear to us and we are already working on the event in April 2017.

– WHAT DO YOU PUSHING EACH DAY MORE AND MORE 'TO ADOPERARTI WITH SO' SO MUCH ENERGY REVOLUTION IN FASHION Fashion Revolution rappresenta quello che è la mia carriera: "Fashion With A Mission" is my motto for ten years now and I'm happy to put my professionalism and my name at the service of progress and social justice.

– You CAN advise us how to move APPROACH FOR ALREADY 'FROM TIME TO BUY FASHION IN A MORE' ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE practical advice for creating a sustainable wardrobe:

  1. – buy from ethical brand.
  2. – buying vintage.
  3. – choose quality and not quantity.
  4. – only buy pieces you love.
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