MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

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I like to define the Eyelash Extension a new "luxury treatment" very much in trend right now in Italy and in the world that arouses much interest, but many fears in many people. Having carried out a first-person Professional Course for Eyelash Extension with One to One method, and then for a "Natural Look" I will tell you in brief what is. It states that there are several techniques for achieving a good extension eyelashes and Ogun leads to a different final result, per citarne qualcuno oltre al metodo da me studiato ed applicato alle mie clienti (one to one) esiste il metodo 2d, 3d.. e sono tutte tecniche Volume. The method I studied is suitable for all and applicable to any type of eye and eyelashes. They can also be applied to people who unfortunately have lost as a result of chemotherapy as long as at least six months have elapsed since the last round of chemo and obviously applying their tiny hairs that their natural lashes but weak can support the weight of the lashes that we go to to apply. It is a method that can be performed both by men and women because as a final result it guarantees only a thicker but more natural-looking but not "Doll effect" eyelash, as a volume technique could give,,it,For example, a volume technique consisting in applying two or more eyelashes on one natural sole can not be done instead where there are thin or thin eyelashes,,it,I consider the One to One technique the most comfortable and safe,,it. Per esempio una tecnica volume consistente nell’applicare due o più ciglia su di una sola naturale non può essere effettuata invece laddove si presentano ciglia rade o sottili.

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Io ritengo la tecnica del One to One la più comoda e sicura, that can contribute to having long and thick eyelashes to anyone and even contribute to changing the look,,it,Strange but true,,it,but believe me it's just like that. & nbsp; As the name of the "one to one" technique says, it means applying an extension to each natural lash,,it. Strano ma vero, but believe me it is. As it says the same name of the technique "one to one" means applying for each natural eyelash one extension, It is a meticulous and high precision by operators who play and myself to make a good first plant does not use less than two hours and a half. There are two types of eyelashes can be applied in addition to a variety of length and thickness measurements. Le due grandi categorie in cui si dividono sono seta o visone, le prime più lucide le seconde leggermente opache. It is very important that the operator who runs the implant knows however where to glue them because not all natural eyelashes can hold the extensions,,it,you have to go on medium or longer ones and not if you just born,,it,Because perhaps not everyone knows that eyelashes just like hairs are born,,it,they grow and die,,it, bisogna andare su quelle medie o più lunghe e non se quelle appena nate. Perché forse non tutti sanno che le ciglia proprio come i capelli nascono, crescono e muoiono. It will be the concern of those who perform the implant to study your eyelashes to understand where to go and above all to glue them a few millimeters from the eyelid in order not to cause any damage to the life of the eyelashes and not to create allergies,it. The lower ciliary rhyme during the implantation process is protected by means of a patch in order to avoid that the upper can stick with the same. Every evening eyelashes goes from the others by means of special tweezers and with the other you apply the lashes on that isolated. The operator's choice is important and can not do it anyone, per questo nella mia introduzione l’ho definito un trattamento di lusso. Le cifre in Italia si aggirano dagli € 80,00 al Sud, ai € 120,00 in the North for good jobs,,it,while in New York the same application varies from,,it,After the first plant need to be reset and checked after two weeks,,it,and eventually a refill will be provided,,it,less expensive and that will take away less time than the duration of the first plant but in any case not less than an hour,,it,Last recommendation for those wishing to try to undergo this treatment is to wash the eyes even after treatment,,it, mentre a New York la stessa applicazione varia dai $150 to $ 600.

Dopo il primo impianto necessitano di essere risistemate e controllate trascorse due settimane, ed eventualmente si provvederà ad un refill, meno costoso e che porterà via meno tempo rispetto alla durata del primo impianto ma comunque non meno di un’ora.

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Ultima raccomandazione per chi volesse provare a sottoporsi a questo trattamento è quello di lavare gli occhi anche dopo il trattamento. Many women do not do it wrong because inevitably make-up powders are deposited on the eyelashes,,it,Your face should be washed and cleansed completely and always,,it,perhaps using attention when we are going to dry it,,it,We will take care of dabbing the eyes rather than rubbing them,,it,yes,,it,But this should also be done in the absence of extension,,it. Il viso va lavato e deterso completamente e sempre, usando magari attenzione nel momento in cui andiamo ad asciugarlo. Avremo cura di tamponare gli occhi piuttosto che strofinarli, questo sì. Ma così andrebbe fatto anche in assenza di extension, because perhaps not everyone knows that the part of the eye contour is the most exploited part of the face and the skin is seven times thinner than that of the rest of the face,,it,so take care of it,,it,The effect that derives from the One to One method is absolutely natural and at the same time extremely glamorous because it follows the design of the eyelashes, genuinely enhancing its importance and therefore that of the eye. & Nbsp; I hope I have fulfilled your curiosity and doubts about the treatment,,it, quindi abbiatene cura.

L’effetto che deriva dal metodo One to One è assolutamente naturale e allo stesso tempo estremamente glamour poiché segue il disegno delle ciglia valorizzando genuinamente la sua importanza e quindi quella dello sguardo. Spero di aver esaudito eventuali vostre curiosità e dubbi in merito al trattamento. See you soon with the next topic,,it,Cecilia Minelli - Beatuy Consultant and Face Designer,,ro,EYELASH EXTENSION E METODO ONE TO ONE,,en.

Cecilia Minelli – Beatuy Consultant e Face Designer