L’ANGOLO DI SISSI a cura di Silvia Cassi

I'll be back to the discovery of interesting companies in the natural cosmetic scene with Ambaduè and his new creation, face cream “Jewel”. Company across a feminine, a collaboration between Dr. Merlo and Ms. Gaudiello, innovative active search, effective in the wake of the disciplinary EcoBio cosmetics. With considerable knowledge of functional chemicals to the skin of beauty it proposes eco-friendly formulas with the most modern biochemical techniques ( I remember that chemistry and synthesis are not synonymous ...), with particular attention to the excellence of the raw sensory and finish their cosmetic materials.

The cream is presented with a soft and fluffy consistency, once applied on the face stretches with ease and you can appreciate the fab aromatherapeutic scent that helps to stretch and relax the mind, making the time for more enjoyable skincare.

The unique and innovative feature of this formulation is to be a cronocosmetico, or following skin circadian rhythms: at night it performs a reset action and purification, while the active application morning the protective function against oxidative stress and glycation. All this is supported by biomimetic peptides, powerful anti-aging factors, and the precious diamond powder present in the composition.

Already after the first application, every few hours, the mirror reflects the image of a toned and looking radiant face. It tends not to shine during the day even with the summer temperatures thanks to the presence of Jojoba oil, one of the most skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types.

Having a single cosmetic product who plays very well all the functions in the space of twenty-four hours is ideal for efficient skincare, effective and genuinely attentive also to the waste and a lifestyle more "minimal" not to give up taking care of a skin otherwise young.

Al prossimo appuntamento nel mio angolo cosmetico!