Psicorubrica by Lara Ventisette,,it,"The newest computer in the world can only get worse,,it,thanks to its speed,,it,the most ancient problem in relations between human beings,,it,that of communication,,it,Who must communicate,,it,he will always find himself confronted with the usual problem,,it,what to say and how to say it ",,it,Bill Gates,,en,To communicate who we are in an effective way, it can be useful to know how human beings communicate in general,,it,Communication is a fascinating and complex world,,it


The perception of color from part of the eye it takes place in three distinct phases:

1-In the first phase the visual stimulus arrives eye, passes through the cornea, l’aqueous humor, la pupil, il crystalline, l’vitreous humor and reaches photoreceptors retina from where it is then absorbed. As a result of absorption, generate the photoreceptors of nerve signals.

2-The second stage still takes place at the retinal level: It begins with the processing of the received nerve signals and ends with the creation of other signals which are then transmitted to the brain along the optic nerve.

3-The third phase consists in the interpretation of signals from the brain and the perception of color.

The story of colors

The colors have taken on different meanings throughout history and in different civilizations:

The blue color, eg, It was rarely used in the past; paying attention to the fact paintings dating back until the High Middle Ages, It notes that this color is almost absent, even in representations of the sky, for which it was mainly used gold or white.

The red color is instead one of the oldest used by man: just think of the prehistoric drawings. The red was associated with blood, on fire, to the wine: no wonder then that it was often used to indicate abundance and prosperity.

Infine, the two most important colors of the story: White and black.

White is the color of purity and quintessential We see this easily in the art: just think of the garments of the gods or the angels, always represented candid and immaculate.

The black, associated to the ancient mystery why dark, later it became a color that represents authority and firmness: like for instance the robes of judges or, more simply, to clothing must have in formal situations.

Color Symbolism

The experience of color is subjective and can refer to the native culture that influences personal perceptions of that experience. In chromotherapy the colors are associated with the person to boost his personal vibration or to edit them.

Psychology of Color

There is a subtle bond and mutual influence between colors and emotions. Psychological studies on colors, reveal some of their meanings, useful for more informed use:


Color of passion and love; in psychology it symbolizes warmth and is very inspiring. It also represents a danger, the blood, fire and violence. Red is the first color of the rainbow that babies learn to recognize and the first in which all people have given it a name.


Given the welcome and hospitality color, symbolizes vibration, caution, research and study.


The color of the sun symbolizes the joy, happiness, Growth and gold. It is perceived with an expansive color. It can also symbolize dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, falsehood, illness and gambling.


It is associated with: nature, ambient, vita, growth, fortuna, youth, spring, fertility, but also to rot, acid and poison. The effect of product stability from green represents, from a psychological point of view, the values ​​immutable balances. The choice of green can also mean self-esteem.


It symbolizes calm, the water, the sky, l'harmony, confidence, cleaning and loyalty; but also sadness and depression. Staring long this color is produced an effect of quietness, satisfaction and harmony. Just think of a landscape with calm sea. Just like the orange color this color is perceived as vibrant, but decidedly less "hectic".


Represents: regality, spiritualità, and unconditional love; ma anche
cruelty, arrogance, cry, penance, suggestionabilità. Purple is a mystical color, symbol of spirituality but also of erotic fascination, of betrayal and the union between opposites.


Associated with femininity and youth, the favorite color of most women around the world communicates a message of weakness, ingenuity and delicacy.


And 'the color of purity, stands for cleanliness, innocence, space, chastity, simplicity and peace. But in Eastern cultures is death, the coldness and sterility. Opposed to black, White is an expansive color that indicates the maximum load of light.


It symbolizes the earth, the heat, the primordial needs. It 'a little color because it reminds loved dirt. The strong need, indifference or rejection of this color may indicate fear (Attraction or unmanageable) against what is corporeal, material and connected to the physical pleasure.


It is associated with: potere, eleganza, Magic, mystery and night; also symbolizes mourning and death (in Western cultures), the wickedness, unhappiness, the sadness, the remorse and anger.


It symbolizes neutrality, intelligenza, solidity, cleanliness and modernity. It is also associated with maturity and sadness. Often you choose to establish an emotional distance. If combined with other colors wisely, It helps make the charismatic person; but it used too often or monochrome version can generate a "flattening" effect to the person or make her feel dull.

In the next article I'll tell you what l 'Armocromia, one of the most valuable tools of Image Consulting.