MY POINT OF VIEW by Cecilia Minelli,,en,The summer has not yet arrived but to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays it is well before now to use a small precaution,,it,Even the spring sun can indeed be harmful and unlike many who think "even if we are in the shade" we risk compromising the skin,,it

Enhance facial features while minimizing imperfections,,it,the art of shading or illuminating the face and enhancing its strengths,,it,it is called "contouring" or "sculpting". & nbsp; What seems to be a "fashion of the moment" for non-professionals has always existed,,it,especially in photographic and cinematographic makeup,,it,To be changed over the years are not the techniques but the products with which to make them,,it, l’arte di ombreggiare o di illuminare il viso ed esaltarne i punti di forza, It is called "contouring" or "sculpting". That appears to be a "fad" for the layman has always existed, soprattutto nel trucco fotografico e cinematografico.

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Ad essere cambiati negli anni non sono le tecniche ma i prodotti con i quali realizzarli. For beginners who are going to want to make it for the first time it is usually recommended to use powdered products,,it,easier to blend and above all to correct,,it,free way instead to cream products for the most expert,,it, più facili da sfumare e soprattutto da correggere, via libera invece ai prodotti in crema per le più esperte. The contouring that certainly falls in the techniques of corrective makeup if made in a natural way, however, could also be done on a face with a regular shape to enhance what is beautiful as well as on the contrary can be used to shade a chubby face or smooth corners of an excessively squared face,it. It is necessary to keep in mind the basic rule of colors and if we really can not we try to remind ourselves that just as in the clothing the "light colors" widen and highlight,,it,while the "dark colors" minimize and reduce,,it,So after creating your homogeneous and rather neutral base, study the shape of your face or face to be corrected and begin to lighten the strategic points and correct the small defects,,it,In contrast to the contoruing the strobing technique is born,,it,What is it about,,it, mentre i “colori scuri” minimizzano e riducono. Quindi dopo aver creato la vostra base omogenea e piuttosto neutra studiate la forma del vostro viso o del viso da correggere e iniziate a schiarire i punti strategici e a correggere i piccoli difetti. In opposizione al contoruing nasce poi la tecnica dello strobing. In cosa consiste? The illuminant seen better known as "highlighter" day after day has become a real must have in the make up of the daily routine and on the high fashion catwalks,,it,The technique of strobing is questioning the very famous previous technique of contouring and therefore born in countertendency,,it,but this too is a technique that has always been present in the world of make-up,,it,and it is a technique that highlights the "light points" of the face,,it. La tecnica dello strobing sta mettendo in discussione la famosissima precedente tecnica del contouring nascendo quindi in controtendenza, ma anche questa è una tecnica presente nel mondo del make up da sempre, ed è una tecnica che mette in risalto i “punti luce “ del volto. Even divas such as Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn on the cinematrographic sets sported make up with light spots that were marked by illuminating face,,it,But what is the illuminating face,,it,It is a cosmetic product containing microparticles that reflect light and that exalt the "natural beauty of the face" giving the skin a healthier and brighter appearance,,it.

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Ma che cosa è l’illuminante viso? E’ un prodotto cosmetico contenente delle microparticelle che riflettono luce e che riescono ad esaltarla “naturale bellezza del volto” donando alla pelle un aspetto più sano e luminoso. It comes in very light shades of course and it is necessary to remember that there are products such as some foundations that have inside the presence of microglitter that obviously will give the skin a pearlescent effect but are not suitable products to realize this type of "light effect" ",,it,The illuminating face should be applied only on some areas of the face,,it,those that we will decide to highlight,,it,like cheekbones,,it,pace,,pl,zona T,,en,chin and cupid's bow,,it. L’illuminante viso andrà applicato solo su alcune zone del viso, quelle che decideremo di mettere in risalto, come zigomi, tempie, zona T, mento e arco di cupido. Once you have identified the parts you want to highlight, however, we will have to take care not to accent the already marked parts such as a too high front or a particularly protruding nose,,it,The illuminated face when it is applied,,it,As for the technique of contouring also for the strobing our illuminant will be applied after having made our base,,it,foundation and powder,,it,in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences which must then be corrected,,it. L’illuminate viso quando va applicato? Come per la tecnica del contouring anche per lo strobing il nostro illuminante andrà applicato dopo aver realizzato la nostra base (fondotinta e cipria) onde evitare spiacevoli inconvenienti difficili poi da correggere. If we decide to use an illuminant in cream we will apply it with a brush with synthetic bristles while if we decide to use one in powder we will opt for a brush with natural bristles,,it,As for the size of the brushes will obviously vary depending on the size of the areas to be illuminated,,it,Give great importance to the brushes that are the "necessary tool" to do a great job,,it. Per quanto riguarda la grandezza dei pennelli ovviamente varieranno in base alla grandezza delle zone da illuminare. Date molta importanza ai pennelli che sono lo “strumento necessario” per realizzare un ottimo lavoro. Just as the quality of the products also the tools to achieve our make-up are essential. Pensate cosa accadrebbe se un giocatore di calcio anche il più bravo campione piuttosto che indossare delle scarpe adatte indossasse delle pinne.. dubito giocherebbe una buona partita.

Infine è fondamentale ricordare che ogni tipo di illuminante è adatto ad un determinato tipo di pelle quindi, in case of mixed or oily skin the use of powder illuminants is recommended because other types would highlight any pores present,,it,while in the case of normal or dry skin & nbsp; the use of illuminants in cream or stick is recommended,,it,And what a trend you like,,it,CONTOURING E STROBING,,en,TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE,,it, while in case of normal or dry skin it is recommended to use lighting in cream or stick.

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