a cura di Silvia Cassi


Good morning ! Oggi nel mio angolo voglio raccontarvi l’esperienza ad Esxence 2016, the Milanese event dedicated to artistic perfumery; my eye caught some perfumers noteworthy both in terms of the considerable olfactory experience, both as regards the formulation without fixatives and synthetic substances which I consider harmful to health.

In the Land of the Orange Blossom – The story of a village and a family, to Virginie Roux, that has turned its natural environment into a real art of living, building his wealth through the wonder of the senses; all its scents involve in an olfactory journey into the heart of the sunny essences and inviting hills of the Côte d'Azur. The collection Les Inédits is essences that are the heart of the French region: figo, bergamot, gelsomino, lavender and tuberose ... a paradise for the senses!

In the Land of the Orange Blossom

April Aromatics - It 'a line of natural perfumes, created by Tanja Bochnig, artisan, natural perfumer. Perfumes that not only “odorano” good, but they make you feel good, from the inside towards the outside. The real natural perfumery using natural ingredients of flowers, leaves, roots, cortices, fruits and seeds. The ingredients are certified organic or wild when available and 100% of the ingredients are pure and natural origin. Scents ranging really good for body and soul , my favorites are Liquid Dreams, lemon freshness and sweetness dell'osmanto odorous, e Purple Reign, surrounded by a riot of citrus mint leaves.


Raw Spirit – An indie Australian reality in the world of natural artistic perfumery, It is inspired by the energy, the spirit, and the connection with nature. The raw materials come from around the world, the Australian outback, the mountains of Haiti, for the Florida Everglades. Raw Spirit works with indigenous and marginalized communities, directly or through partnerships, achieving a sustainable source for natural ingredients, rare and unique, contained in their perfumes. Among the proposals fragrances, all linked to the country of origin of the raw material, I was impressed "Desert Blush" inspired by the Australian desert at sunset , shortly before the dark. A heady scent with Australian sandalwood from spontaneous gathering and heady floral notes of Boronia.


olfactive Studio - A project that impressed me not only for the essences, in original compositions and character, but because it is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; including the look and smell. The creators of the scents were inspired by the works of photographers, capturing the essence of the images.

The essences are born spontaneously from the emotions of the perfume creator, that white paper in front of the photograph, proving to be true olfactory concepts. I was captured by the fragrance "Panorama" that as a top note has a wasabi agreement with fig leaves, a heart and a warm background with citrus patchouli and tonka bean ... words are not enough to describe the evocative and intoxicating power!


Purophi - In the midst of many olfactory delights corner was dedicated to skincare and surprisingly I found an Italian company that produces natural and organic cosmeceuticals with an edge. They are the latest generation of treatments, with a new approach: based on science and biotechnology latest green generation, clean, without the use of aggressive chemicals, in full respect of the skin and the environment. Use a blend of trace elements extracted from biotechnology biofermenti yeast, accelerators of cell turnover, which most exalt the action of the active principles. Surely they come back after they have been tested, an interesting project and fully Italian!



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