Oggi molte persone sono attente a ciò che mangiano, ma ancora di piu’ They are those who do not believe they benefit from this practice and thus proceed as they always have, ignoring the utility of having a food awareness and eating what happens.

In practice our power in Italy is gradually turning into a bad copy of the American (che restano i più’ folli al mondo per quanto riguarda il cibo). Some evidence of this style? Il 30% delle calorie da cibo animale, il 55% da cibo processato, at least one sugary drink a day, oltre a mangiare più’ or less what they want when they want and in the quantities they prefer. Risultato? Good of the people overseas are overweight / obese and therefore ill. The paradox is that in studies where they are interviewed, many of them say they are careful to power and say they have a right weight.

Il motivo di questo visione alterata della realtà (croce e delizia degli americani) It is the strong psychological pressure and brainwashing that to many is done on low-carbohydrate foods, con pochi grassi, su ciò che è dolce senza calorie, sulle proteine magre (The US is one of the largest consumers of meat in the world) and on what it means healthy eating. Tutto questo dove porta? Nonostante tutta la carne (di ogni tipo) consumata, products without fat, senza sale e etc…Americans are still school with regard to the excessive weight.

I've never been keen on technical values ​​of nutrition and you will speak here just to clear up some basic concepts. The BMI is a widely used index, which relates height to weight (non ti citerò la formula perchè è inutile, la puoi trovare ovunque). In any case you should know that this is primarily a statistical index and non-medical: This means that calculating it and being within certain parameters "normal" you can fall in a population exposed to a certain risk "normal", eccedendoli excess / defect the chances of getting sick will be against you. You have to know that insurance companies play on this fact and had to study a method to figure out what part of the population "bet" (guadagnare) e da quale è meglio stare alla larga. Let's say that the values 18.5 – 24,99 sono considerati da loro “normali”. Non entrerò nel dettaglio dei limiti, you just have to know that the main objective "general" should be for anyone to be within these average parameters. Obviously the power is a complex of factors is not limited to the weight and I say generally because if then fuoriesci from these values ​​up because you have many muscles does not mean that you have greater risk, ma vale anche l’opposto: even if you can stay within the normal range and still have a lot of fat in the body means that you're in good shape In English use the term MONW (Metabolically Obese Normal Weight), traducibile in “finti magri” e credimi…in giro ce ne sono parecchi, otherwise it would explain how it is possible that there are people with diabetes 2 già a 40 anni, or those with high blood pressure, colesterolo, triglycerides that requiring an early pharmacologic treatment.

Dunque, indipendentemente da tutto, the goal of any power supply you should follow is always to have a weight of "normal", alone since being overweight can do much damage (su tutti aumentare le probabilità di morire e di sviluppare tumori) and is a constraint to be solved as soon as possible.

E’ una vita che mi sono reso conto che è molto più’ easy to avoid gaining weight when you have to dispose of excess, per questo credo più’ prevention and the development of the conscience of each food, rather than interventions "damage done" on which many of my colleagues have to intervene (con grandi difficoltà).

I say this because in all cases the excessive weight goes far beyond what we eat and the food is not merely calories, nutrienti, quantità di massa magra/grassa. Precisely for this reason it is good from a young age to help children understand how they can get support from the food to live well and what should give priority in their lives. A very difficult job, especially since even adults who should help them have very clear this concept.

Vedremo prossimamente qualche concetto di base dell’alimentazione da tenere presente, but know that everything I talk to you goes in one direction: make you doctor about yourself and in each case helping to choose health and not to suffer the decisions of others.

a cura del Dr. Francesco Taboni