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 “Nozze in vista. ..stress a mille”! è questo il paradigma con cui la maggior parte dei futuri sposi vive l’organizzazione delle proprie nozze….In fact the most affected part of the pair is the bride, all’agitazione per i preparativi generali infatti può associare anche una certa ansia (più che legittima) legata alla scelta dell’abito ed alla consapevolezza che quel giorno lei, la sposa, sarà al centro dell’attenzione, la vera “star “of the day,,it,In fact, not all people love to have their eyes on everyone,,it,even if those looks are full of tenderness and admiration,,it,imagine the excited bride wearing a dress with characteristics very distant from the items of clothing used routinely,,it,So many are the future brides I met in my career that,,it,just thinking of entering the church,,it,o in municipio,,ro,admired by everyone,,it,they felt dying from agitation,,it,believe me,,it.

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Non tutte le persone infatti amano avere gli occhi di tutti puntati su di sé, nemmeno se quegli sguardi sono carichi di tenerezza ed ammirazione; immaginate la sposa emozionata che indossa un abito con caratteristiche assai lontane dai capi d’abbigliamento utilizzati abitualmente…

Tantissime sono le future spose incontrate nella mia carriera che, al solo pensiero di entrare in chiesa (o in municipio), ammirate da tutti, si sentivano morire dall’agitazione. Credetemi, if they could they would magically appeared directly in front of the altar avoiding the fateful“promenade” d’ingresso…

Unfortunately, anche se sono Fata Madrina, i miei poteri non arrivavano a tanto, così per riuscire ugualmente ad aiutare ed essere vicina alle mie amate future spose ho pensato di scrivere un libro sull’argomento, a book where in a light and humorous traits I highlighted and grouped a number of tips for all s”sposine stressate” and not only. Dico ciò perché, unexpectedly,,it,even future husbands and other members of the family have found,,it,Marriage in sight,,it,Si Zen,,ro,this is the title of the book,,it,a quick reading,,it,fun and effective,,it,marriage regardless,,it,Premarital stress & nbsp; may manifest mildly with some nocturnal awakening or dreams inherent in & nbsp; marriage or,,it,in the most predisposed subjects in a more intense way,,it,with real anxiety attacks,,it,doubts,,it,if you are doing the right thing,,it,and a sense of oppression,,it,little or too much,,it, anche i futuri mariti ed altri componenti della famiglia hanno trovato “Matrimonio in vista? Sii Zen!” (questo è il titolo del libro) una lettura veloce, divertente ed efficace…matrimonio a prescindere!

The marital stress can manifest itself with some mild nocturnal awakening or dreams related to marriage or, nei soggetti più predisposti in maniera più intensa, con veri e propri attacchi d’ansia, dubbi (se si stia facendo la cosa giusta) e senso di oppressione.

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Insomma, poco o tanto che sia, accuse a bit,,it,of stress when you're about to take one of the most important steps in life I think it's perfectly normal,,it,Here are some suggestions or if you prefer,,it,some small tricks extrapolated from,,it,Si zen,,ro,you will need them,,it,for sure,,it,THE LIST,,es,Prepare a list of things to do and the timing in which to implement them,,it,See everything contained and ordered in the space of a few sheets immediately resizing it,,it,mole,,en,of the problem,,es’ di stress quando si sta per compiere uno dei passi più importanti della vita credo sia perfettamente normale ! Ecco allora alcuni suggerimenti o se preferiamo,alcuni piccoli accorgimenti estrapolati da “Matrimonio in vista? Sii zen!….. vi serviranno …..di sicuro!!

LA LISTA: Prepara una lista delle cose da fare e delle tempistiche in cui attuarle. Vedere tutto contenuto ed ordinato nello spazio di qualche foglio ridimensiona subito la “mole” del problema. Once you have made the reminder, you just have to take an agenda and spread it for the time you have available,,it,FITNESS,,it,& nbsp; If you thought about dieting or proceeding with one,,it,discount & nbsp; fit,,fr,& nbsp; in view of the big day,,it,act on time and calmly,,it,this also,,it,step,,en,however it will be programmed and inserted in the wedding planning above,,it,CONFIDENCE,,it,& nbsp; If you are a person,,it,or you are a couple,,it,who struggles to trust others,,it.

FORMA FISICA: If you have thought to put you on a diet or to proceed with a “Fitness ahead of the big day,agisci per tempo e con calma; anche questo “step” comunque andrà programmato ed inserito nel planning di nozze di cui sopra.

LA FIDUCIA: If you are a person (o siete una coppia) che fa fatica a fidarsi del prossimo, the organization of the wedding could be a good“training”  to hone this art. Infatti, learn to trust the professionals selected for the organization of your wedding will bring two major benefits: primo togliere stress a te, secondo incentivare loro a darti il meglio di sé. therefore, una volta che hai operato la scelta, just take notes and keep the emails you will exchange about everything that is decided during your preliminary meetings and then let them do their job safely,,it,THE OTHER JUDGMENT,,it,& nbsp; Organizing your wedding trying to please the expectations of parents and relatives could become worse than a bad dream,,it,rather a nightmare,,it,Who will intervene at the wedding is not there to judge but to be near you & nbsp; on such a special and important day,,it.

IL GIUDIZIO ALTRUI: Organizing your wedding trying to please the expectations of parents and relatives could become worse than a bad dream,anzi di un incubo! Who will speak to the wedding it is not there to judge but to be close to you in such a special and important day. Never doubt this,,it,ANSIA FROM PERFECTION,,it,& nbsp; Magic Password,,ro,defuse,,it,normal to want everything on the wedding day to be top & nbsp; but do not make us sick,,it,your day,,it,enjoy it and if there is any smearing it should be taken & nbsp; with philosophy,,it,however it goes will be a success,,it,Really,,it,ADDRESS TO A PROFESSIONAL,,it,A great way to ease the tension is to turn to a,,it,It's not always expensive as you think and maybe it's worth at least informing yourself,,it!

ANSIA DA PERFEZIONE: The magic word: sdrammatizzare! E’ normal desire that the wedding day everything is at the top but do not make us a disease. E’ il vostro giorno, enjoy it and if there's some trimming should be taken with philosophy “comunque vada sarà un successo!” (Davvero!)

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RIVOLGERSI AD UN PROFESSIONISTA (When possible): Un ottimo modo per allentare la tensione è rivolgersi ad un Wedding Planner; it is not always as expensive as you think and maybe worth at least inquire…among other things, you could paradoxically save,,it,Un Wedding,,en,Planner & nbsp; always has agreements with its suppliers,,it,he knows many and if he starts collaborating with them it is because he considers them good and reliable professionals,,it,It can be combined with each other for price ranges in order to meet the needs of both couples & nbsp; that,,it,do not mind spending either & nbsp; of those that towards what they are about to organize prefer & nbsp; an approach,,it,just saying,,it,more careful,,it. Un Wedding Planner always has agreements with its suppliers, ne conosce molti e se avvia delle collaborazioni con loro è perché li reputa professionisti bravi ed affidabili. It can combine with each other to price ranges so as to satisfy the needs of both of the pairs that….spare no expense either of those to what they're prefer to organize an approach, per così dire, più oculato.

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ALSO THE CHOICE OF THE WEDDING DRESS CAN,,it,BEING A SOURCE OF STRESS,,it,& nbsp; My advice service was born just to avoid this and protect future brides,,it,years of experience gained,,it,on the field,,it,I decided to dedicate my professionalism and my knowledge available & nbsp; of all future brides in a transparent manner and not bound by the act of sale,,it,Do,,en’ ESSERE FONTE DI STRESS: Precisely to avoid this and protect future brides is born on my Consulting service. Dopo 15 anni d’esperienza maturata “sul campo” I decided to devote my skills and my knowledge available to all future brides transparently and not bound by the act of sale. Do’ so advice and information to those who challenges me according to personal style and above all in keeping with his budget to obtain maximum final result. I can also accompany the bride throughout the course of the tests until the big day…  doing so filter between her and the studio,; per nessun motivo l’abito non deve e non può non essere all’altezza delle aspettative ..che diamine!!

CONTROLLARE LA RESPIRAZIONE: It is mathematically assumed that anxiety in such an important day trying to get the upper hand but preparing in time you can try to stop him! Si potrà controllare la respirazione: deve essere il più profonda e tranquilla possibile. Quando ti trovi in un momento di particolare agitazione o sei arrabbiata respira lentamente dal naso contando fino a sei, trattieni contando fino a tre e poi espira delicatamente dalla bocca contando di nuovo fino a sei (blow it open like a sigh,,it,without blowing,,it,repeat the cycles until you feel calmer,,it,I often do this exercise to the brides just before leaving home to go to the wedding celebration and I guarantee you that it works,,it,DEDICA AL OZIO THE DAY BEFORE THE MARRIAGE,,it,& nbsp; You remember the famous list I was talking about earlier,,it,Well program everything so that the day before the wedding you do not have to do & nbsp; absolutely nothing,,it, senza soffiare) ripeti i cicli finché non ti senti più tranquilla. Spesso faccio fare questo esercizio alle spose poco prima di uscire di casa per recarsi alla celebrazione di Nozze e ti garantisco che funziona.

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DEDICA ALL’OZIO IL GIORNO PRIMA DEL MATRIMONIO: Do you remember the famous list of which I spoke earlier ? Well program everything so that the day before the wedding you should do absolutely nothing excluding a relaxing massage or a complete relaxation session in one,,it,beauty farm,,en,it will be a true panacea and you will arrive radiantly at the big day,,it,THE ENVIRONMENTS WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS AND WHERE YOU PREPARE THE DAY OF THE WEDDING ARE IMPORTANT,,it,In your bedroom they should reign,,it,peace and harmony,,it,light it with a candle,,it,put music & nbsp; ambient,,it,if you want,,it,if you love perfumes,,it,shoot in the air whatever you like as long as it is delicate,,it beauty farm; It will be a blessing and you will come to the big day radiant.

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GLI AMBIENTI DOVE STAI ABITUALMENTE E DOVE TI PREPARERAI IL GIORNO DEL MATRIMONIO SONO IMPORTANTISSIMI: Nella tua camera da letto dovrebbero regnare (sempre) pace ed armonia; illuminala con una candela, put the ambient music se lo desideri, oppure, se ami i profumi, spargi nell’aria quello che più ti piace purché sia delicato, all this will help make you feel relaxed and ready for your beauty sleep that will last at least eight hours,,it,if you want you can help it by sipping a good herbal tea before going to sleep,,it,To prepare for your wedding day would be a great thing if you had a dedicated room where you will be alone,,it,truccatore,,co,the hairdresser,,it,if he comes to your house to comb you,,it,the photographer and who will help you during the dressing,,it,nobody else,,it…se vuoi puoi agevolarlo sorseggiando una buona tisana prima di coricarti. Per prepararti il giorno delle nozze sarebbe un’ottima cosa se avessi una stanza dedicata dove starai solo tu, il truccatore,il parrucchiere (se viene a casa tua a pettinarti) il fotografo e chi ti aiuterà durante la vestizione, nessun altro, I also suggest you turn off the phone or give it to a loved one who answers in your place for any last-minute calls,,it,In conclusion I would say that now you definitely have some more tool to counter premarital stress but if you want to deepen the subject further you can easily & nbsp;,,it,the Fairy Godmother,,it,SOME SUGGESTIONS TO REDUCE THE PREMATRIMONIALE STRESS,,it.

In conclusion I would say that now you've surely a few more tools to counter pre-marital stress but if you want to further deepen the argument can safely refer me, la Fata Madrina!