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edited by Dr. Federica Clemente and Dr. Thomas Calderoni-Associate Veterinarian clinic San Luca

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In September we will take A NEW LIFE COMPANION "HAIRY" ....


After returning from vacation, It takes shape the thought of a long winter full of routine and monotony of busy .... WHICH BOREDOM! Why not look out for new enchanting experiences? The adoption of a kitten's life moves us humans, It provides new experiences that can dispel stress and ease the tensions that everyday life brings us to collect. We hope…

The cat is a lively companion, every moment of his growth represents a unique spectacle of nature, charming and full of all emotions to be discovered. It seems that nature has chosen the most delicate colors and purpose of his palette to paint these beautiful creatures. They are small felines alternating bright and playful movements in much rest and relaxation ... .a infectiously! Cats are not just small cuddly that become part of our apartment but real creatures that generate commitment, control and mutual emotional bond.

The cat training has ancient roots, In fact, as early as 2500 A.C., in 'Ancient Egypt are clear signs that the documenting. From the sixteenth century it spreads in Persia and in Thailand, not to forget the Carthusians so loved and present during the Renaissance period. At the end of the nineteenth century began to appear the first real breeding of cats for distinct races. It includes approximately sixty different races, each of which is characterized by specific features and royalties. However, it should always be remembered that EVERY CAT AND 'SINGLE, regardless of race or gender.

Usually from a litter born three to six kittens, After about sixty days of pregnancy. The kitten is born with closed eyes and ears not working: the nose is its only major driving! Already around the eighth day it begins the vision that will gradually perfected in the first two months of life. The proximity to the mother is of paramount importance: It is not only a source of valuable nutrients but also heat, cleaning, physical control and not least affection, rules and teachings . Quindi, When possible, the first step towards a good adoption is just that!

In the first fifty days of his life, the little feline alternates playful moments and unleashed a deep restorative sleep. Note rhythmic movements of the eyelids and nose while sleeping is not a worrying factor, but only indicates a deep sleep. Maybe she is dreaming about some tough climbing on a big oak tree!

Approximately one month normally starts the weaning and the kitten savoring the first semi-solid food. 'Important to choose good quality dry food, well balanced and friable, sometimes useful moisten with a little 'of warm water. Avoid cow's milk!!!!

If for reasons fortuitous adoption happen before this date, it will be necessary to breastfeeding with a special milk for kittens and baby bottles: very tiring experience but certainly not without endless charm.

At birth the immune system are guaranteed by mother, if in good health condition. In about two months this immunity disappears and you create a moment of immune empty, technically called "GAP IMMUNE". Here, then, is of fundamental importance that the beginning of a proper vaccination protocol, but not before checking with your vet that the child is free of parasites and in perfect health.

The infant is adopted precisely in this age group, and its reception space and deserves careful attention. Immediately establish a good relationship of trust with a veterinary surgeon will be a key element to do not miss anything in our kitty and feel more attentive owners and safe choices. Adopt a cat is a moment that goes reasoned and not taken lightly.

The arrival in the house should be lived in full compliance with the kitten: the NEW arrived is he, not us!!! An unknown environment will be for the kitten to be explored, without force and compulsion. The host provides for the making available of bowls for food distinct from those for the water. Cats eat little and often, both day and night. Se ci sono più gatti nella stessa casa è cosa gradita mettere loro a disposizione varie “ciotoline” per evitare competizione per il cibo e quindi stress. It 'good to give the cat the same food he ate before arriving at home. The area-food must be distinguished from the zone-toilet and the bed area. No matter that the home environment is large, It only needs to be well organized. for so, the food bowls will not stand next to his litter, it 'stuck to the basket or to the cushion proposed for sleeping. Environmental enrichment is very pleasing to the cat because it seeks areas where secluding, nascondersi o “toilettarsi” in tutta tranquillità. If there are already other animals at home it is advisable to make "presentations" with inner calm, watchful eye and with the necessary distance. Gradually cats become the soul of the house!

The newcomer will take some 'time to adapt, meet you, love yourself and get used to the house. His experiences in the first three months of life will remain as indelible memories imprinted in his memory. So socialization with humans and with other furry family is preliminary in importance, immediately after ranging certainly not forget the rules and habits that you'll want to impart feline friend. A dry NO will help you understand what you should not do and the positive rewards will reinforce his good manners. It is useful to get used to the kitten from the start to the carrier must not become just that 'hated box with which you will bring to the vet and in the holiday home!! A good first step would be to let him present in the house for long periods, aperto e a sua disposizione…magari anche vaporizzando al suo interno prodotti a base di feromoni.

The small will gradually become accustomed to the more common sounds like the phone or the vacuum cleaner, avoid them becoming a terrifying for him in adulthood. Protect it from domestic risks carefully, without underestimating anything: heat sources, lighted candles, ornamental plants, fertilizers are among the most common dangers for a kitten who lives in your homes. Any external access type terraces, balconies or gardens are gradually and always granted with careful monitoring. A bit 'at a time it will create mutual trust!

The choice of the name of your kitten is a fun time: shortest possible, mono or two-syllable and voiced consonants, so you get used to it right away. Welcoming a kitten you will secure moments of great happiness but also of new commitments.

"Even the smallest feline is a spectacle of life without inhibitions", Leonardo da Vinci.

"The information contained in this section are exclusively of informative nature,it, generale e non devono in alcun modo essere sostituzione del parere medico del vostro veterinario di fiducia”.