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Invent something new and original nowadays is very difficult, especially if you work in an artistic field already extensively developed, where now we are experienced everything over decades, if not centuries or even millennia. The dance is undoubtedly one of the oldest, since the human being the practice since the dawn of time ... yet sometimes someone succeeds. It is brilliant minds, capable of extraordinary insights accompanied by exceptional capacity, both creative and technical.

Moses Pendleton not only belongs to this elite, but it will occupy a place of honor.

Born in Vermont, where his father owns a farm and raise livestock, young Moses manifested soon great love of nature combined with an inclination athletics, which expresses as a promising skier. But his mind visionary, together with a series of vicissitudes (including the suicide of his father and later a skiing accident) led him to get back into play in other directions, leaving the prospect of a peaceful and prosperous country life. Young Moses is dedicated to always explore more deeply the world of cosmetics, physicality, sublime aesthetics offer from moving the body united emotion scene: that's how it goes in the world of dance.


Nel 1971 collaborated in the formation of Pilobolus, a group of dancers athletes looking for a choreographic language that is fusion of sports, arte, dance and multimedia. But Pendleton can not stop there, He feels the need to express themselves as a choreographer, director and set designer working independently with all his company, which he founded in 1980 and baptizes with the name of Momix (inspiration, curiously, the brand of a food supplement for cattle).

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Thus began an adventure that will continue over 35 anni, by creating a series of memorable performances , now inspired to sport (Baseball), Now the nature (Opus Cactus e Botanica), at the suggestion of a particular musical landscape (Passion), all’astronomia (Lunar Sea), all’alchimia (Alchemia), fino a Remix, an anthological work presented in 2014, e all’odierno W Momix Forever.

Thanks to an innovative and wise use of lights, particular materials, projections and stage effects the bodies of the dancers appear and disappear, petrify or fluctuate, They turn into flowers and birds .... the metamorphosis is a constant in Momix production because, according Pendleton, "There is a very close connection between human beings, plants and animals; and dance, with hypnotic trance in which we are submerged, It is one of the ways to reveal ". "My inspiration is a bit 'less urban than other choreographers - says Pendleton - I spend much time in my garden, walking among the sunflowers .... ".


The performances of Momix are pure beauty, an ode to physicality in which bodies do not give off anything of a sexual. They move like leaves, beautiful leaves that fall in love and grace releasing vital energy on exciting soundtracks notes ranging from Vivaldi to Peter Gabriel, songs by New Age sounds and songs of birds: in his imaginative performances, Pendleton seeks and finds nature in the bodies of his dancers, cultivates and praising his garden on the stage.

A few years ago I had the great fortune and the rare privilege to meet him, attend the company and photograph some shows due to their guardian angel, the impresario who organizes for years and follows their tour around the world: a gentleman by the name of Julio Alvarez of other times, with whom I have a close friendship.


The artistic team is constantly changing and every year the company holds auditions in search of young talented and athletic dancers possess solid technical foundations, both classic and contemporary, open to creativity, imagination and innovation. The auditions are open and dates are published on the official website: you want to participate?

If you do not feel, or if you are in doubt, do not miss one of the shows of their upcoming Italian tour, that proposes Opus Cactus, show inspired by the nature of the North American desert.


Here are the dates:

Dal 22 al 27 novembre: Teatro Toniolo, Master;

Dal 29 November to 4 dicembre: City Theatre, Vicenza;

6 e 7 dicembre: Auditorium Palabanco, Brescia;

9 e 10 dicembre: Cleberg Theatre, Bergamo;

12 e 13 dicembre: City Theatre, Varese;

Dal 15 al 18 dicembre: City Theatre, Carpi.



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