24 September - 31 ottobre 2016

Inauguration open to the public: 23 settembre 2016 h 18.00

Villa delle Rose (via Saragozza 228 – 230, Bologna)


In the year that marks the centenary of the donation Villa delle Rose the Municipality of Bologna by the Countess Nerina Armandi Avogli, lIstituzione Bologna Musei proposes a reflection on the moment that can be considered the start of the history of the Modern Art Gallery which, with its subsequent developments, in a century of history, has led to what is now the MAMbo. With the exhibition Villa delle Rose 1936, a cura di Uliana Zanetti e Barbara Secci, si presenta una ricostruzione dell’allestimento realizzato ottanta anni or sono da Guido Zucchini, the first to provide full execution of the will of the donor, including only the twentieth century works. L’esposizione, which it takes place as part of the celebrations of another important anniversary this year, concivem 1116 – 2016 Nono centenario del Comune di Bologna, It is open to the public from 24 September to 31 ottobre 2016 and opens Friday 23 settembre 2016 all 18.00.

Despite the many losses recorded during the second world war, thanks to more than a hundred surviving works and working on the current architectural state of the Villa, it was possible to revive in general terms that first arrangement of collections, giving us the chance to see works rarely exhibited in recent decades.

Reflecting on the meaning of the legacy of the 1916, Villa delle Rose 1936 also it provides an opportunity for a critical review of a period still poorly studied history of art in Bologna and for the knowledge of a moment which proved crucial for the later development of the city.

Ingresso: € 5 intero, € 3 ridotto (Card Musei Metropolitani Bologna).

Orari di apertura della mostra: dal giovedì alla domenica h 15.00 – 20.00, lunedì 31 ottobre apertura straordinaria h 15.00 – 20.00

Informazioni generali: MAMbo Bologna

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