a cura di Antonio Corposanto per Magazzino26

La spallina! Who would have thought that an accessory so seemingly simple would inspire again many designers and become "super-glam" to call back into question a concept now stereotyped beauty which tended to show more 'can their beauty ,his body was reduced to a minimum space of the body covered by the suit almost become an accessory ... .Considering many times the size, più che ridotte!

We are used to remind us of the shoulder pad "eighties", anni di grandiosi cambiamenti, of emblematic events in the fashion industry where these "cushions" are nothing short lorded outfits in most acclaimed era. In truth they did not abandon us even in the years to come but relegated to a more classic role,,it,& nbsp; appropriate to the masculine tailoring creations and Haute Couture dresses dedicated only to a few women ... the richest on the planet,,it,We find & nbsp; the & nbsp; spallina & nbsp; protagonist in & nbsp; overcoats & nbsp; over in the summer collections of Dries Van Noten and Chanel,,it, suited to men's sartorial creations and dedicated to Haute Couture gowns only a few women ... the richest on the planet!

We find the shoulder protagonist in overcoats over in the summer collections of Dries Van Noten and Chanel, absolute elegance and timeless in Armani Prive, or almost "edgy" and a little 'perhaps too exaggerated in blazers and trach coat Versace.Diciamo which perhaps helped many designersto define new volumes and to give back to the many leaders softness and comfort that lately because no one had clearly been neglected.
Sono proprio curioso di sapere cosa ne pensate!

Fatemi sapere

1-shoulder or spallina_Corposanto_selection_Magazzino26 fashion blog

Armani Privèe SS 18/19 – Blmain SS 18/19 – Burberry SS 18/19

2-shoulder or spallina_Corposanto_selection_Magazzino26 fashion blog

Chanel SS 18/19 – Chloe SS 18/19 – Dries Van Noten SS 18/19

3-shoulder or spallina_Corposanto_selection_Magazzino26 fashion blog

Isabel Marant SS 18/19 – Jacquemus Ready To Wear SS 18/19 – Max Mara SS,,en,Michael Kors SS,,en,Thierry Mugler SS,,en,Tom Ford SS,,en,Versace Collection SS,,en,Versace Tribute Collection SS,,en,SHOULDER OR DO NOT SHOULD,,it,THIS IS,,it,THE DILEMMA,,it 18/19

4-shoulder or spallina_Corposanto_selection_Magazzino26 fashion blog

Michael Kors SS 18/19 – Thierry Mugler SS 18/19 – Tom Ford SS 18/19

5-shoulder or spallina_Corposanto_selection_Magazzino26 fashion blog

Versace Collection SS 18/19 – Versace Tribute Collection SS 18/19