NBR – Natural Born Reader a cura di Roberta Maroni per MAGAZZINO26

If you look for the classic cookbook, this book is not for you. And you too, animates candid, never mind. Today we talk about: Kitchen Confidential di Anthony Bourdain

Natural Born Reader – Kitchen Confidential

Anthony Bourdain, appreciated famous American chef and television personality, He was also the author of successful books, is that autobiographical novels. His recent death has left everyone stunned his admirers, including me.

I really appreciate his way of doing television and I find that its programs are a clear example of how any argument can be treated in an original and stimulating, raising the level of communication.

Instead I did not know his work as a writer, so I am trying to recover, starting from these his "gastronomic adventures in New York", originally published in 2000.

The author's voice tells us, with extreme sincerity, his life in relation to the subject that is the focus: the food. His declarations of intent and (why the outcry at the time of publication) It is to reveal the lesser-known aspects (and uplifting) of the restaurant world, i segreti, in conclusion, that no one who works in this world would want his customers knew.

But as he arrived Anthony Bourdain to be keeper of these secrets?

As in a film he shot a spark during a long transatlantic, When the palate of the then boy, used to be food tastes canned, discovered the gusto in the form of "Vichyssoise".

That trip to France is for the author a real turning point, with the ability to discover new flavors, and dare to experiment with food that his family also refused to taste: a moment of conscious power that will bear fruit. The historical period and a certain innate tendency in the author for the excesses they will arrive, more adult, in the kitchen of a tourist resort, last sguattero of a gang of robbers charismatic: a world in which to prove himself, between the kitchen, sex and drugs .

From here, with a succession of ups and downs, unravel the personal and professional adventures chef; intimate glimpses, sometimes merciless, humanity author, its history but also its "philosophy".

Alternating the stories we find frequent reflections from the world of cooking reflect life (and viceversa) but also useful tips for aspiring chefs or for simple clients; After some of these will never look at a restaurant in the same way. Shortly rather shocking, at least for me, the famous secret; course for the American public of the year two thousand, fascinated by the figure of the chefs, esclusivissimi new priests in the temples of haute cuisine, the effect was much more.

From all of this emerges the portrait of a man by the spirit Gascon, genuinely curious about every aspect of life, indipendente, irreverent and unconventional (although deeply connected to the culinary tradition and its loyal employees), whose life is, at the time of this writing, totally focused on the job.

E’ evident in this work the author's customary to make judgments "trenchant" but, surprisingly, Also the ability to contradict himself and get back constantly challenge. Maybe for someone using a vocabulary taken from the street, even better, from kitchens, It might be distasteful. But I think it is helpful to the reader to understand the atmosphere ranges in which Bourdain has been formed and lived.

I devoured "Kitchen Confidential" and I think I have served to develop the incredible epilogue of the life of this rock star of the food entertainment. The narrative is very exciting, honest and revealing a deep soul and fought, and advice not only to fans of the chef, ovviamente, and to those who have had experience in the restaurant world, but also to all of irreverent readings enthusiasts and lovers of dissident voices.

Però, I admit, I'm biased.