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there you are, standing in the middle of the room while you watch in disbelief and po'stordita the pregnancy test ... .POSITIVO!!! After a moment of emptiness sidereal a lot of thoughts begin to sgomitarti in the brain to suddenly catapult on roller coaster of mixed emotions ... uphill joy, Fear downhill, then go up again with tenderness and anxiety blow makes you go around the death ... always .accade, although the desire for children has accompanied you from an early age ... for every woman is an incredible moment to discover that a little life is blossoming inside her, an intense moment, a time ... WRONG!!! Given that in six months you get married and around the already sufficient organizational chaos & nbsp; It was not expected to become pregnant!

Well! Ultimately it is a happy event ... so do not worry! Like a good Fairy Godmother I'm here to help you solve the problem sweet ... if only marry with the belly is no longer regarded as almost scandalous years ago, But there are some simple rules and precautions to be taken.

First the belly should not be performed but even hidden ... it is clear the choice will fall on a better empire style dress with rounded cut under the breast because in this way will be more slender figure.

In the lower part one can also opt for a flaring wider if you use rather stiff fabrics such as & nbsp; mikado or semi-rigid as taffeta or organza, however avoiding making curls under the breasts and if you want to create movement in this point it is better to prefer flat pleats considering how to position them from case to case, but if you love the softer style, and slipped the right fabrics are georgette, chiffon,cady o satin, even if I have a reservation on the latter, & Nbsp; in fact for the bride pregnant advise against the use of particularly & nbsp; shiny fabrics because they tend to visually enlarge the forms.

It would be better, possibly, buy the dress at most two months before the wedding to get a better sense of how it will be 'your body on your wedding day.

therefore, if before receiving the good news were already playing on a tangent ... stop, breathes and review your plans! So the best choice to make in this case is the wedding dress tailored fit so there is no need to order it too early and it is thus possible to package it in three / four weeks doing tests very close to each other ( 1 per week).

If you had already ordered it depends a bit 'on the model you've chosen and how long it will be before you get married, more in the 'marriage is more your stomach will be evident if COMPLETE in the first three / four months there will be & nbsp; big problems but if you pregnant spouses of seven / eight months worth immediately notify the atelier and choose another model that best suits your future new physical proportions.

If you get married soon after delivery you can choose the dress according to the third month of pregnancy, In this period you will be physically very similar to when you have just given birth.

If you get married in the early months of pregnancy (until the fourth) They will be perfect for a high waisted dresses with tulle skirt , taffeta or organza making sure to measure out the proportions. Absolutely the drapes plates on the breast, necklines v or humeral,sweetheart neckline & nbsp; wide shoulder straps on the shoulder who gather towards the junction of the bodice, for cleavage clothes instead I have a reserve closely linked to the size acquired from the breast with pregnancy.

The imperative, however, is that the dress is comfortable and elegant and do not EVER do feel a sense of constriction even order receipt.

One thing is certain for you everything will definitely be a whirlwind of intense experiences…marriage and a baby coming, but they are two of the greatest joys in the life of a woman and then when you want to put your son / daughter guardandti dressed as a bride & nbsp; on the wedding photos tell proud / a : That day WAS THERE TOO!!!!!

la fata madrina_matrimonio in tre_magazzino26