Psicorubrica by Lara Ventisette,,it,"The newest computer in the world can only get worse,,it,thanks to its speed,,it,the most ancient problem in relations between human beings,,it,that of communication,,it,Who must communicate,,it,he will always find himself confronted with the usual problem,,it,what to say and how to say it ",,it,Bill Gates,,en,To communicate who we are in an effective way, it can be useful to know how human beings communicate in general,,it,Communication is a fascinating and complex world,,it


Have you ever had someone you counseled to take a couple of days off, for your blatant exhaustion, after sleeping 12 ore consecutive? Or that someone else complimentasse for your good looks after a sleepless night because of gastrointestinal viruses? More or less all happened and today, after years of study I can explain one of the reasons for the incident: much depends on the colors you wear. As a psychotherapist I have always known that colors have a great influence on the way we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us, but underestimated the importance that the colors have to reveal and tell the world who we are or who we want to convey.

The Body Image is primarily communication and this you already know. But the power that colors have to tell the other is still undervalued. Because a color "there is good" or "there is evil"? Depends on what? from fashion? From happiness or sadness we feel when we wear a sweater over another? I finally found the answers I was looking for, I can finally give you a taste of the exciting scientific study called Armocromia.

What is Armocromia

The Armocromia is one of the tools we use in image consulting. It concerns the study of colors that characterize skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair of each of us; ie the analysis of the characteristics of kits which Nature has equipped us.

dell'Armocromia Origins

The Swiss painter and designer Johannes Itten It was first identified a match between the color of the people and the colors of the world of nature that change with the seasons, which it is what characterizes the armocromia as a philosophy of personal color. He was the first to notice a correlation between the characteristics of the colors of some periods of the year with those of humans, in particular identifying the temperature characters (hot or cold) and value (light or dark): so in the winter they could classify people with cold and dark colors, in the spring than in warm, light colors, who in the summer cool and light colors, autumn people with warm, dark colors. The problem of Itten theory, as revolutionary and foundational for what has become the armocromia later, a system is to give too much importance to the eyes and hair color, and created a 4 seasons too limited compared to what is the real complexity of the human complexion casuistry, but still he threw those that are the primary foundations of the discipline.


To make the analysis of customized color a real cultural phenomenon was Carole Jackson che nel 1980 public Color Me Beautiful, book that was so successful publishing by having two successors, Color Me Beautiful Makeup Book e Color Me Men, in 1984. To understand 4 types were really too few compared to the incredible variety of colorful human beings was the British Mary Spillane, who introduced the concept of flowing between the different seasonal types that became well 12, 3 subtypes for each macro season. Spillane identifies for each season a pure type, with only hot or cold tones: in Italian terminology these are called absolute seasons.

Objective dell'Armocromia

The search Armocromia color harmony which is able to enhance every single person.

How does the analysis

It uses a colored cloths kit, internationally certified, able to detect the "friends colors". The effect of each test comes on skin color, on the eyes and lips, giving the company a clear and objective to identify the colors that diminish imperfections, irregularities and fatigue because they "resonate" with the morphological characteristics of the person, making it look more rested her face, Clear and bright.


In particular, the revelations that come from a Armocromia Consulting relate to the following factors:

  • Temperature of the skin: hot or cold
  • Value: Light or Dark
  • Dominant, or the personal characteristic that is more evident "at a glance"
  • Intensity, which may depend on the physical characteristics particularly evident (is. light eyes that you see from afar), or from stage presence (more or less discreet) of the person
  • Contrast, that depends on how similar / different colors of skin-eye-hair in terms of light / dark

Here are the possible "seasons" of belonging with their friends Color.

And you, to which you belong season? What colors do you think will valorise more and support you in getting the message to the world that you want to give?

We'll talk soon ...