by Spose Consulting LA FATA MADRINA - & nbsp; Alessandra Cristiani,,it,Wedding in sight,,it,stress to a thousand,,it,this is the paradigm with which most future spouses live the organization of their wedding,,it,Actually & nbsp; the most affected part of the couple is the bride,,it,the agitation for general preparations can in fact also involve a certain anxiety,,it,more than legitimate,,it,linked to the choice of the dress and the awareness that that day she,,it,the bride,,it,will be the center of attention,,it,the true,,it,star,,en

We are now in late May and the bridal collections,,it,they have already left well ahead of previous years,,it,I visited Si Sposaitalia,,it,attended the fashion shows and I'm preparing for you a nice article all dedicated to the bride's anticipations proposed in the last defilee,,it,but you will have to have some more,,it,of patience,,it,& Nbsp; in the meantime you can deceive the wait and keep the curiosity for news at bay,,it,looking at my personal selection of the most beautiful and stylish wedding dresses of the,,it,Stay Tuned,,en 2019 sono già uscite in netto anticipo rispetto agli anni scorsi.

Ho visitato Si Sposaitalia, assistito alle sfilate e sto preparando per voi un bell’articolo tutto dedicato alle anticipazioni sposa proposte negli ultimi defilée, però dovrete avere ancora un po’ di pazienza…  intanto potete ingannare l’attesa e tenere a bada la curiosità per le news 2019 guardando la mia personale selezione abiti da sposa più belli e stilosi del 2018. Stay Tuned!

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2-selezione abiti sposa 2018_fata madrina_Magazzino26 blog

3-selezione abiti sposa 2018_fata madrina_Magazzino26 blog

4-selezione abiti sposa 2018_fata madrina_Magazzino26 blog

5-selezione abiti sposa 2018_fata madrina_Magazzino26 blog