edited by Dr. Federica Clemente and Dr. Thomas Calderoni

Associate Veterinarian clinic San Luca


Did you know that dogs can also donate blood?

Well yes, this wonderful habit that many of us practice on a regular basis, It can also take place in the fantasy world of our faithful four-legged friends.

The first transfusion to the dog was carried out in 1665, by Dr.. Lower English physician. If the technique used then was rather risky, no it is the nowadays in specialized veterinary facilities, and it is even regulated by the Guidelines of the Ministry of Health Guide.

Anche se more and more dogs need a blood transfusion, there is still little awareness on this theme and, in Europe in particular, ci sono pochissime banche del sangue in cui si possono portare i cani a donare.

Then here is some food for thought to make your dog a hero.

The donor must be an animal of great size (> 25 kg), calm and docile and are aged between 2 he 8 anni. It is understood that the donor must be in good health, properly vaccinated and preserved from all ectoparasites (fleas, ticks ...) with appropriate prophylaxis instruments (collars and spot-on). Each donation, addition to a thorough clinical examination, They will be performed complete blood tests (blood count and biochemical profile) more screening of vector-borne diseases (Filaria, Leishmania, Ehlrichia, Borrelia) so as to protect both the donor and the recipient dog.

It 'good to know that even dogs have different blood groups, classified according to the antigens present on the surface of red blood cells. Dogs 8 antigens (called DEA English dog erythrocyte antigenes); ogni gruppo è a sua volta suddiviso in ulteriori sottogruppi. Il più importante è il sottogruppo del DEA 1 namely the DEA 1.1 che comprende circa il 60% the dog population. A roughly it can be said that the DEA dogs 1.1 negativi sono donatori universali, while the DEA 1.1 positive are receiving universal. Broadly , anyway, the first transfusion could also be made between different blood groups, as they are not present in the initial phase, antibodies that destroy red blood cells transfused. Il procedimento del prelievo di sangue è simile a quello delle persone, It takes about half an hour and can be repeated every three months.

We can withdraw at one time, between 10 and the 20% of total blood of an animal. Since the blood volume is about 80 ml / kg, a dog to 30 kg can donate up to 500ml of fresh blood. With a single donation we can save even two lives: from every donation, infatti, You can be derived red blood cells (emazie concentrate) and plasma, thanks to special centrifuges capable of separating the two blood components and then use them in different emergencies. transfusions, infatti, They are extremely important for dogs who suffer from bleeding due to trauma, oncological diseases, anemia , poisoning by rodenticides, pancreatitis or during surgery.

From these premises it appears that, besides being a beautiful gesture of solidarity between owners, the donor dog will be constantly monitored, and for free in, is under the clinical profile, either with regular blood tests. Lastly, often, some pharmaceutical companies or the feedingstuffs sponsor each donation with useful gadgets , products and food bags.

Ora lo sapete: if your dog can help save the lives of his fellow, do not think twice and let it become a blood donor!

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