Settembre punto a capo - special


a cura di Sara Fruner

Ah, how I love, early September, with the indolence of August now behind, throw an autumn look and let me entice the delights that await us in the room this month ...

Woody Allen He presents his latest work “Café Society“, and we hope to heart it is a real struggle: his last films have given us every reason to believe that the genius of irony would have preferred to sit on their laurels and propose to his plots public views and magazines - except, perhaps, di “Blue Jasmine”, in 2013. Presented out of competition at Cannes Film Festival, "Café Society" has aroused conflicting opinions, con la sua storia d’amore mancato in bilico fra New York e Hollywood negli anni ’30. Se non altro diamo una chance alla coppia inedita di protagonisti Jesse Eisenberg e Kristen Stewart.

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For sure there is a lot of throat "Frantz”, di François Ozon, il talentuoso regista di opere originali come il letterario “Nella casa” (2013) o il recente “Una nuova amica” (2014) - Story of a gender subversion that shakes a bourgeois family well. This historical film, per hour, very little is known: set during the First World War, Anna visit every day the boyfriend tomb Frantz, where one day he meets Adrien, a mysterious French guy… Not a bad start.

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The new season will also bring us a new Gabriele Muccino, with "L’estate addosso" - Yup, you guessed, la colonna sonora è firmata da Jovanotti.

And we hope that Muccino Senior will be back on its feet after the last film falls - on personal ones with Muccino Junior glissiamo - although the two lines with which the plot was summarized, "Trip to California at the end of high school two teens", presagiscano not anything new - I could have said "good", appreciated…

Finalmente Kim Rossi Stewart torna dietro la macchina da presa dopo “Anche Libero va bene” ― che tanto avevamo apprezzato nel 2005 - For a film with an intriguing title, “The intelligence of the male”. E not, the film is not a comedy ...

In terms documentaries, I expect two, especially the second. Ron Howard a gift to the fans of the Beatles and swinging 60s con “The Beatles – Eight Days A Week“, where trace the process path from the band, from their performances in the Liverpool local, until their last appearance in 1966.

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E Werner Herzog - Nientepopodimenoche - with "Lo and Behold – Internet: the future is now"It offers a reading of the world at the time of internet, showing its potential, but also the dangers, as certain artificial intelligence applications, cyber-bullying and internet addiction.


And finally a movie to fear: the remake of Ben-Hur by the Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov, and not so much for its unpronounceable name (!), As for the operation which was put in charge. Nowadays, in the digital age, must certainly not recruiting 40.000 extras, manage them, prepare 40.000 Box lunches ... Yet, a remake of the blockbuster proportions - 16 milioni di dollari sborsati dalla MGM, and in 1959, 16 million dollars was a figure really exorbitant - hoping not to deface or eguagliarne success, It has something utopian. of superomistico, also.

Bah, we'll see…