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Compagnia della Fortezza, year 28. In the prison yard of Volterra, under the sun mercilessly three o'clock, Also this year the scene is the secular ritual of theater. This year the show is titled “After the storm”. The secret of Shakespeare, and it goes to the scene Monday 25 to Friday 29 July (for public input procedures are visited sites e, or sent an email to E’ one of the central events of the summer festival - takes place parallel to the festival VolterraTeatro, now in its thirtieth edition, dedicated to the theme "The Ideal City", from 25 al 31 July - up to be a must-see for many.

Alla guida dell’ormai storico gruppo di detenuti-attori c’è il regista Armando Punzo, the one who gave life to the experience of the Fortress in 1988 and he led the company to win several major awards. Precisely these results give the measure of the work conducted by Punzo for ten hours a day, everyday, inside the prison walls, the imposing building which dates from the time of the Medici. His is not the work of re-education, It is not social theater, but a real artistic adventure. When the era director, Renzo Graziani, She gave him a chance to explain his plan to detainees, the artist from Naples was clear: here with you I want to do my theater, not interest me your stories, said. they accepted him, he did not do (and he never did) discounts and born the Compagnia della Fortezza.

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