a cura di Antonio Corposanto per Magazzino26

Il Coachella Music Festival,,en,It takes place every year at the end of April in the United States,,it,specifically in the Empire Polo Fildies of Indo in California,,it,Coachella,,en,lasts two,,it,three days and is always one of the most anticipated events of the year,,it,Many of the international stars,,it,models and why not,,it,normal girls,,it,they participate showing off looks among the most extravagant and sought after of the season,,it,Lace and transparencies are never lacking often embellished with Indi hairstyles. Great interest this year for mini dresses,,it,super cool,,en si svolge ogni anno alla fine di aprile negli Stati Uniti, nello specifico negli Empire Polo Fildies di Indo in California.

ll Coachella dura due, tre giorni ed è sempre uno dei più attesi eventi dell’anno. Tantissime tra le star internazionali, modelle e perché no, “ragazze normali” partecipano sfoggiando look tra i più stravaganti e ricercati della stagione.

Pizzi e trasparenze non mancano mai spesso impreziositi da acconciature Indi.Grande interesse quest’anno per i mini dress “super cool” di “great models,,de,as Alessandra D'Ambrosio always present and always up to the expectations of her fans who consider her the most glamorous top model of the moment,,it,From the many pics dedicated to & nbsp; this happening from magazines all over the world I chose for Magazzino,,it,some really worthy outfits,,it,Space then to images,,it,they speak for themselves,,it,Alessandra Ambrosio,,it,Amber Rose,,en,Beyonce,,en,Elsa Hosk,,en,Lais Ribeiro,,pt,Lele Pons,,en,Hailey Baldwin,,en,Paola Turan,,zh-CN,Paris Hilton,,en,Rachel Zoe,,en,Rita Ora,,it,Romee Struggle,,nl,Sara Sampaio,,pt,Saweetie,,af” come Alessandra D’Ambrosio sempre presente e sempre all’altezza delle aspettative dei suoi fans che la ritengono la top model più glamour del momento. From the many pics dedicated to this from happening worldwide magazine have chosen for Warehouse 26 alcuni outfits davvero degni di nota!

Spazio allora alle immagini…..parlano da sole!

1-Alessandra Ambrosio_Amber Rose_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Alessandra Ambrosio – Amber Rose
2-Beyonce_Elsa Hosk_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Beyonce – Elsa Hosk
4-Lais Ribeiro_Lele Pons_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 blog
Lais Ribeiro – Lele Pons
3-Gigi Hadid_Hailey Baldwin_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Gigi Hadid – Hailey Baldwin
5-Paola Turan_Paris Hilton_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Paola Turan – Paris Hilton
6-Rachel Zoe_Rihanna_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Rachel Zoe – Rihanna
7-Rita Ora_Romee Strijd_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Rita Ora – Romee Strijd
8-Sara Sampaio_Saweetie_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Sara Sampaio – Saweetie
9-Taylor Hill_Valentinas Ferragni_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Taylor Hill,,en,Valentinas Ferragni,,lt,Vanessa Hudgens,,en,Veronica Ferraro,,it,COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL,,en – Valentinas Ferragni
10-Vanessa Hudgens_Veronica Ferraro_COACHELLA_Magazzino26 Blog
Vanessa Hudgens – Veronica Ferraro

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