Applause by Davide Nicoletti,,it,Kandinsky argued that "Color is a power that influences the soul",,it,the choice to wear one in particular,,it,express a certain emotional and communicative sphere of the person wearing it,,it,In the case of those who "dream" to have in their closet a pink dress,,it,wearing it,,it,the second would express the psychology of color,,it,a sense of security and optimism towards the future,,it,and certainly people empathic and cooperative towards others,,it,But in the opinion of Karl Lagerfel who says,,it

It leaves us with great regret for us all that we worshiped,,it,Marina Ripa di Meana,,it,and what's left of her is a memory linked to the beauty and elegance above all extravagance,,it,Marina has always made distinguished for its eccentric hats and jewelry,,it,but also for his strong character and convinced,,it,much to be fun precisely his way to be unpleasant,,it,Woman known for its ties to its books a love for animals and art,,it, Marina Ripa di Meana, e quello che rimane di lei è un ricordo legato alla bellezza eleganza e soprattutto stravaganza.

Marina si è sempre fatta distinguere per i suoi eccentrici cappelli e gioielli, ma anche per il suo carattere forte e convinto, tanto da essere divertente proprio il suo modo di rendersi antipatica.

Donna conosciuta per i suoi legami i suoi libri l’amore per gli animali e per l’arte, to say nothing of its allure, provocative and eccentric style,,it,risking sometimes in terms of look to be criticized for its excessive extravagance on the red carpet and gala evenings,,it,Here I want to dedicate,,it,a tribute to his memory of some iconic look,,it,Although Marina represents the face of abundance,,it,beautiful woman but empty,,it,icon illusions,,it,however it was a person who has stood by and discussed environmental issues and animal rights,,it,leaving a photographic memory that caused a sensation,,it, rischiando a volte in fatto di look di essere criticata per la sua eccessiva stravaganza sui red carpet e nelle serate di gala.

Qui le voglio dedicare, un tributo in sua memoria di alcuni look iconici.

1-Marina Ripa di Meana ADDIO A UN’ICONA Magazzino26 fashion blog

2-Marina Ripa di Meana ADDIO A UN’ICONA Magazzino26 fashion blogAnche se Marina rappresenta il volto dell’abbondanza, la donna bella ma vuota, icona di illusioni, comunque sia è stata una persona che ha affiancato e discusso tematiche ambientali e animaliste, lasciandoci un ricordo fotografico che fece grande scalpore, protesting with a naked publicity campaign against the use of leather and fur. & nbsp;,,it,years and still have much to teach us ... it was good to have you had with us,,it,FAREWELL TO AN ICON,,it

he had 76 anni ed ancora tanto da insegnarci… è stato bello averti avuta con noi.